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  1. gfronty

    Valued & VIP Store Customer user groups

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  2. gfronty

    PROJECT! SE-R Rebuild!!!!

  3. gfronty

    PROJECT! SE-R Rebuild!!!!

    you could check out the 350z 35th anniversary wheels or the 09 Maxima 19's. I;ve seen a few around here with them on Coilovers and they look sick and there just about flush!!
  4. gfronty

    HZD Skizzy

    Transaction was smooth, great seller, and communication was second to none. Would highly Recommend to buy from him!
  5. gfronty

    sub question

    Ok then the fi q isnt for me then. I think you're right bout the bl's.
  6. gfronty

    sub question

    ok sorry for the newb question. Im looking for a blend of sq and spl. I want to to rumble but at the same time sound clean. I have about 500 bucks to spend on subs.
  7. gfronty

    sub question

    Im trying to see which sub is a good "SQL" sub. I had a 10w7 in a ported box and it rocked. Im looking to put 2 10's in my nissan titan in a ported box, its gonna have about 1.3 cu ft for each chamber, powered by a sundown 2000d.
  8. rushrun, i tried PM'ing you and it says you cannot accept any new messages.
  9. I just installed one in my brothers car, it works pretty well. He love its!
  10. eclipse avn7000, sonicelectronix has it for about 600 bucks and works pretty well!
  11. interested in the 100.2, email sent!