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  1. I've tried half a dozen local shops and they all have told me that the particlar can't be rebuilt. I currently have an Alpine MRP-M1000 powering a Sundown X-15 but I would like to upgrade my amp to maybe something around 1500 watts. I considered adding a second battery but not sure if my puny alternator can keep up.
  2. So I have a delima. I have a Chevy Sonic and the stock alternator is only 100 amps. I cannot find an upgrade for it nor can I find anyone that can rebuild it to have higher output. My question is, what can I do to upgrade it? I have already done the big 3 and upgraded the stock battery. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. slhendey

    Nice install

    It's at Got Tint in Fort Wayne. I've been to D&B's before but its been at least 20 years ago. Bought a Targa amp and some Earthquake subs there. I wish they had more pics so we could see the end product. For all I know this is the end product.
  4. slhendey

    Nice install

    I like the duct tape. Gives it that DIY touch and obviously adds a couple db in the process haha.
  5. slhendey

    Nice install

    I was browsing the web recently and came across this pic on a local shops website here in Fort Wayne. It's their only pic so I'm guessing it's their best work to date. Looks great, huh?
  6. slhendey

    FS - Sundown Audio SAE-1200D and FI SSD 18

    Would you take $150 shipped?
  7. slhendey

    FS - Sundown Audio SAE-1200D and FI SSD 18

    I might be interested in the amp. Is it still available?