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    Nissan Altima Cpe 08
  1. zins184

    Port location/type for Zcon 12

    2.6ft^3 tuned to 33hz via a 44in^2 port. and Sounds great btw.
  2. zins184

    Port location/type for Zcon 12

    Firgured I'll update y'all.
  3. zins184

    SSA Tax Refund Season sale

    Yeah buddy I jumped on that sale.. awesome thanks guys!
  4. zins184

    Port location/type for Zcon 12

    btw I gave up on doing the box design myself i contact ryan? ram-designs to do it. i'll post it on here when I get it.
  5. zins184

    Port location/type for Zcon 12

    I wish mine did but its a altima coupe the 2 door ver. I managed to gain 2.5 inchs in height
  6. zins184

    Port location/type for Zcon 12

    after port displacement I'll be under 3cuft but I'm really not sure lol I been looking at this to long I need a break then come back to it i guess.
  7. zins184

    Port location/type for Zcon 12

    n/m I just realized I dont have enough space lol
  8. Ok I have an 08 atima coupe and just redone my trunk floor for new box. Anyway I have 3.7-4.4cuft (internal box volume) to play with, I'm pretty sure a round port isn't going to work and not sure how to go about a slot or sqaure port. I know I need around 52in of port area for 32 to 33hz but I'm just stuck due to my box shape which I uploaded a picture of. any suggestions would be great.
  9. Well the ht25 tweeter seems to be 50-60rms so maybe just adding 50-60w x 2ch amp and running my tweets off that and use my sundown 100.2 for the woofers.. Dunno yet but thats probably what I'll do I'm thinking 75w to the tweets might be pushing it. Any suggesitions are appreciated.
  10. Codester that's I good point I really didn't think much of the tweeter wattage handling. I pretty sure I read somewhere the ht25 could handle 120w but I think that's the peak. I'm glad you said something lol ill look into it tho thanks
  11. Yeah I wasn't planning on getting new drivers these hsk165 are pretty decent and already sound great but for what I'm looking to do is to gain more then just performance by running an active system and that's experience since I have never setup an active system I figured ill try it out on this system I already have before I go out and buy all new stuff. So with that being said does anyone have any input on the amps? Thanks
  12. I plan on losing the passive crossovers once I get the new amp.
  13. Well I been wanting to upgrade and been looking into a lot of stuff and pretty much came down to a whole new system lol. But I been thinking and I have this nice 9887 HU installed with HSK165 up front and currently using the passive crossovers. I figured why not try running them active? huh why not so I been looking up info on a active system and now looks like I need a new amp in order to do this. So I've been digging around for an amp and not sure what I should go with, Ive been looking at a Alpine PDX-F4, DD C5C, SD SAX-125.4 or 100.4 (used), IA 6.4 and even a Zed Draconia-II and the problem is a can't really make up my mind cause I'm looking for 100-125w x 4ch amp for around $300 but I'm picky lol so anyway I perfer new unless its a good deal. I'm torn between DD C5C & PDX-F4 since they are within price so if anyone could shed some light on this or experience with these amps please feel free to share. Thanks and sorry for the long read..
  14. zins184

    Box Q for Icon

    It was over the phone I little over a year ago and he sent just the design in email.. Duran yes pwk designed it.