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  1. Fi 4 life

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Damn.... Dimensions?
  2. Fi 4 life

    possible trunk hacking

    Another option is an IB substage like im plannin on doind in a super charged grand prix
  3. Fi 4 life

    possible trunk hacking

    If you aren't planning on taking the box out for a long time I'd suggest building the box inside the trunk
  4. Fi 4 life

    Happy Birthday Jordan!! (Godsmack)

    Happy b day
  5. Fi 4 life

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

  6. Fi 4 life

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Direct tv has a channel just for that situation 354
  7. Fi 4 life

    Large amps at high impedance

    I would say yes, both my class d and ab amps put out more power at a lower ohm load
  8. Fi 4 life

    Big Germ checkin' in.

  9. How certain are you that the box is tuned to 35?
  10. Fi 4 life

    sq of the judge

    What vehicle would this go in?
  11. Fi 4 life

    Happy Birthday ///M5

    Happy B-day man
  12. Fi 4 life

    New here New Home? Why Does **** Suk?

    Welcome, I think you'll enjoy this site.
  13. Fi 4 life

    Hi all

  14. Fi 4 life

    New to SSA

  15. Fi 4 life

    is this the sp4 era?

    On one of his (DSS owner) posts I believe he stated that he was God... That lost my business really quick
  16. Fi 4 life

    Pictures of your new equipment

    138 db at what hz?
  17. Fi 4 life

    8" woofs

    Do you already have a box made?
  18. Fi 4 life

    SSA DCON and Alpine MRV-M500

    Does this have a subsonic filter?
  19. Fi 4 life

    Hdc4 too close to the back wall.

    A video would be great
  20. Fi 4 life

    T/S parameters

    Some companies put out parameters before and some after. That said, some companies are way more consistent at building their transducers to their intended specs.
  21. Fi 4 life

    2 SoundSplinter stickers for sale (rare)

    Thanks for the image, just printed some for free
  22. Fi 4 life

    New to SSA

  23. Fi 4 life

    Corner adds to port length?

    You glue them to help prevent unwanted spinning
  24. Fi 4 life

    It's been awhile, I'm back! Few questions

    Budget? You adding a mids and high amp? New HU? Processing? Bigger alt? How low do you want to tune your sub(s)? Are you deadening? What 2000 watt amp are you using? Have you had a system before? How much space are you willing to give up? Are you upgrading your suspension? Is this sq or spl? there are 100s more questions we could ask but for us to help, you have to give a lot more information.