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    (4) 18" subs in escalade

    i got about 700$ to spend and im thinking this is what im gonna do 1. (4) 18" mach 5 audio MJ subs all single 4 ohm 2. power it with (2) 2200 power acoustik 2 channel amps note: might get the 2600 3. kicker 4 gauge wire kit 4. custom sealed box with subs facing up this will be going into a 2002 escalade and i have the 3rd row seat took out and my last set-up was a kicker 1200.1 with a 15 inch L7 but do u think if i go with this setup it would out pump (2) 15 inch L7 subs? i know these are SQ subs but they should get very loud knowing im getting 4 of them