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  1. juan

    6.5 Comps for Sale

    Looking to sell some components I bought from a member on this site. Still N.I.B. Have never put power to them, much less pull them out the plastic. Looking for $160 shipped. O, yea they are the Bravox CS60K. Thanks. Pics too follow soon.
  2. juan

    * Ask Don of SDS *

    Would like info on this awell.
  3. Ok, just bought some wire from welding supply. Thanks btw. How many runs of 1/0 do i need to run to the rear bat? I have a 3400 series deka up front and a 3100 series deka in the rear next to my amps. I also have a dc 270xp series alt aswell. Is there a diagram somewhere on how to properly wire my setup. Also o, running a saz 3000d and sax 100.4d. Thanks
  4. Has anyone used this wire before? Coppercableman I was wondering if 1/0 was big enough for a saz3000d and sax100.4. It seems to be a lil smaller in diameter compared to knu ofc 1/0. Thanks
  5. Is it the same size as lets say knu 1/0? What size welding cable should i get for a 100.4 and saz3000d?
  6. So like the title says, im looking to buy bout 50ft. of 1/0 power wire. Which brand should i go with? Have been looking at stinger hpm, knu kol fleks, kicker, welding cable but not sure what size and if its even good for car audio, and shok. Going to be running approx 3.5k watts of power from it.
  7. juan

    Install log on the SSA Mazda's

    In dollars or levs? So what is the total cost of this project using these products? ^^
  8. Putting my hand on the head liner applying pressure, and the rattles are coming from the plastic panels.
  9. Getting a lot of flexing and rattling from the roof. I can raise the volume up and hold my hand against the roof and the noise leaves about 80%. Im also getting some panel vibrations.
  10. I have an 02 gmc extended cab truck. Im currently running two AQHDC3 10s powered by an saz3000d and will be installing a sax100.4 later. Right now im getting lots of roof flex and rattling. Was curious which I should get if only running the amount of said power? Also how many layers and where.
  11. Thanks for the replys guys. Any chance someone from Second Skin could chime in?
  12. Ok, to start off. I just installed two 10AQHDC3s in my truck powered by a saz3000d. Im loving how loud and strong the bass is but im having trouble enjoying it really. Im getting lots of rattling and roof flex. I was wondering how many sq. ft. of Damplifier Pro would be needed for my truck. Its an 02 gmc sierra extended cab. I have read through alot of forums and all seem to say SS is by far the best deadener but I have never deadened any vehicle and not sure what I need. Thanks for any and all info. Also how many layers and where.
  13. juan

    Wiring and electrical for saz3000d

    Im looking on jumping on the march madness sale dc power has on the smd boards. but i was wondering if the 270xp alt that is internally regulated at 15.1 be ok for my future xsd3100 batts? i was told that the most they can handle charging is 14.9.