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  1. ShawnFleming

    I know the launch date is around the corner?

    Im sorry guys, trust me, the products will def be worth the wait, I promise you guys!
  2. ShawnFleming

    SSD's replacing JL10W3's , help pls

    Also on the BL's, P chamfer is including in the cooling package. So no need to buy both!
  3. ShawnFleming

    SSD's replacing JL10W3's , help pls

    on the SSD's the SSD's will sound good with a 500/1 but can definately take much more power. You cant add flatwind and copper, and honestly with the power I wouldnt do either coil, I would just get the standard SSD's, unless at some point you plan on adding much more power. The Copper coil option with more power will give you a little bit better SQ than the standard or flatwind. The only reason to use the flatwind would be in applications for over 800 watts RMS per subwoofer. I hope this helps brother, if you have anymore questions, you can either post here, or email me at shawn@ficaraudio.com Thanks Shawn
  4. ShawnFleming

    I know the launch date is around the corner?

    Yes there will be components. I cant give you a release date on it at this time, but yes there will be a line or two of components.
  5. ShawnFleming


    Hey Dan, you have my number, give me a call I have a couple ideas. Shawn
  6. ShawnFleming

    another hello Chad request

    DJ you have a PM brother!
  7. ShawnFleming

    Need a Recone for an Avalanche 18

    Glad everything went well Snake! Let us know if you ever need anything else bud.
  8. ShawnFleming

    Happy 4th of JULY Debut

    Just around the corner!
  9. ShawnFleming

    2 BTL 18s

    Actually Josh, it is quite possible depending of the vehicle and tuning of the enclosure.
  10. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    Damon-Kicker doesnt do sponsorships anymore. Lord Baccus- I have over $20,000 invested right now, and have quite a bit more to go.(thats counting the van)
  11. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    Thanks for the advice Damon. There is alot of Steel bracing that you cant see. Im pretty sure Im good to go, even at 28 hz! The dash looks like its fixing to fly off(along with the windsheild), but the baffle is good!
  12. ShawnFleming

    Low numbers, what should I try

    Yeah, bring it down here! And lets to the the traditional bandpass, not that japanese rising sun bullsh!t backwards stuff you had in there! PS. Yes yes, I know, Im da man!
  13. ShawnFleming

    Low numbers, what should I try

    have you rounded over the port? Also I would try bringing the box volume down. Also what frequency are you playing and how much are the subs moving at full tilt burp? Thanks Shawn
  14. ShawnFleming

    SSA ICON and Sundown 1000D special

    thats great pricing
  15. ShawnFleming

    Difference from ssd's to bl's

    Like Tej says it comes down to how much power you will have, on which one I would choose.
  16. ShawnFleming

    Thanks Fi

    Its evolved into a great friendships/family, which is more important to me, pop and dana, than anything else.
  17. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    Hey 6FtSlant, why not just bring it down here to the shop! Chris, Im not sure what we need, but I really want to see those videos, bring the camera by, I'll be home all night if you want to come over.
  18. ShawnFleming

    So im selling my ssd's

    I couldnt tell you what its gonna do on a meter. Will it be loud? Yes it can be. Can it sound good? Yes it can. Honestly bud, everything is going to come down to the install. The BTL is my favorite sub, hell I have 10 of them sitting here in front of me, its personally what I use.
  19. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    sixftjap AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I only one one japanese guy that is over six foot, and yes he can weld like a fiend. But he needs to get his ass down here and finish up. Im a woodworker, not a welder!
  20. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    Yes sir, fully loaded BTL's.
  21. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    Scotties helping me out with Alts. I did all the box design and building myself, except for I had a good good friend come down from Macon to do a little welding, and my buddy chris did some screwing on of layers, while I started on the amp rack. It went to daytona this year, with no alt and only 8 batteries it did a 153.something Bassrace. The problem is the box is tuned to 28 Hz. But to me thats not really a problem, b/c Im not looking for huge numbers, I want to be in the mid 150's bassrace and still be able to play anything (chopped and screwed, techno, rock, anything) all day long. And I love it tuned that low, you should have seen the van in daytona, had 6 amps and 6 subs, and the van looked like it was going to explode! Played Young Jeezy Air Forces for bassrace.
  22. ShawnFleming

    Hooray, finally ordered a sub!

    awsome man. I have always loved that gen MR2 Here are the pics, so ppl dont have to click on it.
  23. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    here are the new toys that showed up yesterday!
  24. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    here's the subs in the baffle, wired and ready to go here are the subs here the van. Swapped out taillights, headlights, bumper lights, xenon body kit, 20" rozzi wheels, with dunlop sp9000's, and changed all the lights with blues
  25. ShawnFleming

    My van and new toys!

    Decided to use tweed on the baffle and trim panels.