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    Nick, check your email my friend, I sent you a few email this morning.
  2. ShawnFleming


    NIck, I sent you a few emails this morning buddy.
  3. ShawnFleming

    Fi Going Public?

    AA is our dealer brand, Fi will stay the way it is, direct to consumer.
  4. ShawnFleming

    Last day for SALE!!!!!

    Tomorrow will be the last day to capitalize on the sales, get the deals while you can.
  5. ShawnFleming

    For Black Friday

    Sounds good buddy, hit me up tomorrow and we will get that taken care of for you.
  6. ShawnFleming

    For Black Friday

    Ok guys, I just updated the website. All cooling, hyper pole, p chamfer, and coil upgrades (flatwind, high x-max) on new subs are now free for Black Friday! Let go ahead and start this sale up! So basically if you get an N2 you can fully load it for free, which would be $55 off.
  7. ShawnFleming

    For Black Friday

    No spaced spider is not free. Cooling, p chamfer, hyper pole, and coil upgrades(flatwind or high xmax) are the free upgrades as well as free shipping in the cont. US.
  8. Ok everyone, just finished everything up, the X series are up and we are doing free BP cooling upgrade on them. We are doing free cooling, p chamfer, hyper pole and voice coil upgrades(flatwind/high xmax) on all our sub purchases as well as free shipping to the cont. US. Enjoy the sale guys. -Shawn PS it has been a long day, Im tired and Im finally fixing to go to sleep.
  9. ShawnFleming

    X series, free shipping(cont. US) and free cooling/coil upgrades

    Yes sir, with the Chrome logo.
  10. ShawnFleming

    X series, free shipping(cont. US) and free cooling/coil upgrades

    Thanks buddy, you do the same.
  11. ShawnFleming

    For Black Friday

    Just fixed it.
  12. ShawnFleming

    Black Fi-Day Sale

    Hey guys we will have the new X series up for Black Friday, as well as some other things! So keep a lookout! -Shawn
  13. ShawnFleming

    Black Fi-Day Sale

    Real, I will tell you this, since you were the one of the first people I talked to about the Team series, I will let you know pricing first. You still want 4 18's right? I did forget to ask you this, did you want the Spider Spacer(like we have for the SP4)? Ah I'll just give you pricing on with and without and let you make the decision. -Shawn
  14. ShawnFleming

    can I recone my bl that c

  15. ShawnFleming

    How to contact Fi

    Argenis, I have answered your emails, and I spoke to you on the phone Friday, let me know what other questions you have here, and between the guys and I, we can help you out. Like I was telling you on the phone, if looking for a "SQ" driver the Q is the way to go, If cost is not an issue, than the SP4 is the way to go, and it will have a lot more output/displacement than the Q. -Shawn
  16. ShawnFleming

    F.S. 12" AA Havoc D1 3 slug motor

    Now back to building subs!
  17. ShawnFleming

    F.S. 12" AA Havoc D1 3 slug motor

    I think he wants to have my baby too!
  18. ShawnFleming

    F.S. 12" AA Havoc D1 3 slug motor

    Also Chris used to help me with my van and sh!t
  19. ShawnFleming

    F.S. 12" AA Havoc D1 3 slug motor

    I sold you those!
  20. ShawnFleming

    Fi X10 product information

    yes that is the old model.
  21. ShawnFleming

    having trouble with an order from FI

    I definitely would like those pics!
  22. ShawnFleming

    fi wallpapers

    This is Shawn from Fi, man those look amazing.
  23. ShawnFleming

    having trouble with an order from FI

    Sounds great buddy, and glad i could help out. Just let me know when you are ready for your next set(sounds like you already are ) and I will get you taken care of. -Shawn
  24. ShawnFleming

    Recone Issue

    Glad I could help buddy, anytime!
  25. ShawnFleming

    fi btl ufo

    We also found some parts during the move and we can build a few UFO's if anyone needs them, but they would definitely be more than what these guys are asking. Thats an insane price, and I wish you luck on the sale, but at that price, I dont think you will need luck at all. About half of the original price, which is crazy for those subs.