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    wheres my sub??

    True but when its over due, a status update keeps a customer content while waiting. Dre you are a little bit of a special case as you are my friend, and I hooked u up, knowing that it was going to take a little longer, as I can only get yours in, when we have time for me to throw an extra sub in here and there.
  2. ShawnFleming

    Broken terminal holder

    Sp did you get the sub? Id so send me some pics of the bad side,so I can see whats going on. SHAWN
  3. ShawnFleming

    Finally Ordered 18's again

    When I went through all the orders Friday before I left, We have a stack of BL orders to do. RIght now it seems the most popular subs (right now) are BL's or SP4's bar none.
  4. ShawnFleming

    Want To Change Order to Dual 1 Ohm.

    If you want both amps at 1.4 then you would want to keep the D1 parallel them up to 1.4
  5. ShawnFleming

    Received Q18, terrible packaging

    everything is as good as it can be, I'm NOT DEAD, so I will keep trudging on and doing work. besdies the days Im out, you gotta admit, things have been going alot smoother, since I have gotten there!
  6. ShawnFleming

    14th buisiness day

    Nick, I think I talked to you on Friday and sent you a couple emails as well. On whats going on.
  7. ShawnFleming

    Awaiting shipment

    dre I gave you the new tracking number yesterday. The only one I accidentally put a wrong number in a place in the last 4 digits. It was totally my fault and Im sorry, but now you have the right one.
  8. ShawnFleming

    Will i be loud?

    If the box is built right, and you added more power to the SSD. (needs to be ported just like the last enclosure) All things considered it should have more displacement compared to the RF's!
  9. ShawnFleming

    What hapened to Sean from FI

    Sorry guys been dealing with alot from this leg and these surgeries. I went back to work last week against doctors orders b/c I have WAY too many responsibilities at the company that have to be done. Its not that I have too much on my shoulders, b/c when Im 100 percent, I knock everything out.I have a dr appt monday at 1050 to tell me the results from my biopsy surgery last monday, so we will see how that goes. I will definitely be back in the office full time on tuesday,, and just for a little bit on monday. I will get everything cleared up. And some days I forger mycell at home. Its my personal so that should be ok. If you call and I dont answer, drop a text message on it. shawn
  10. ShawnFleming

    question for dealers

    I am now taking this over at AA, I will get your recone built on Monday, and get the basket and recone out on Tuesday. Is that cool? Also what ohm load was the Mayhem recone? (will just make things faster since I dont have to look it up.
  11. ShawnFleming

    SSD modified for HT duty?

    Hey my love slave, call me later!
  12. ShawnFleming

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    I cant wait to see this. Sp4's murder the lows!....................Or so I have heard
  13. ShawnFleming

    shipping is crazy!!

    I thought I had fixed this, I will work on it right now. Because of the way the new website is, it uses a plugin from Fedex that takes the weight of the sticker, which is a pound or two with box, and the zipcode, and gets the shipping cost directly from fedex. We ship all of our stickers via USPS, so its a flatrate. I will work on this again right now. In the mean time, if anyone needs to purchase stickers just email me at sales@ficaraudio.com and I will get it taken care of for you. Shawn
  14. ShawnFleming

    Fi car audio

    I take it that getloud is Shay. Thanks man, I try my hardest, even considering everything I have been through as of late(my amputation). It is like someone said, for all the negative comments, its awesome to see someone take the time to post something positive. Shay it has been awesome to talk to you, and we will continue to communicate. You have my numbers, call me anytime.
  15. ShawnFleming

    Broken terminal holder

    If you get the sub, shoot me an email to sales at ficaraudio.com and we will work out getting you a new terminal.
  16. ShawnFleming

    Received Q18, terrible packaging

    Well guys I am on top of emails as soon as I can, which is generally within a couple hours, unless it is the weekend or I am off the day, as I was friday, as I had to have a procedure done on my leg(well stump I guess since I aint got no leg no mo!). The took a biopsy of some tissue and bone. But since I did not work on Friday, and I saw emails stacking up, I worked over the weekend, saturday and sunday night.
  17. ShawnFleming

    We have switched from UPS to Fed Ex

    Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update on our shipping. We have changed from UPS to Fed Ex. Now when you place your order, you will not get a tracking number until your order actually ships. Previously with UPS you would get the tracker as soon as your order was processed, so customers thought that there order had already shipped, when that was not the case, as we still had to machine all the parts and get it put together. Just trying to let everyone know, what is going on in the world of Fi. Thanks, Shawn
  18. ShawnFleming

    All Pm's to me

    Hey guys, I just rolled through my PM box, and think I answered everyone. I had over 25, so it took me a little bit, but I believe everyone has been answered. If you sent me a PM and I havent responded to it, please send me another. Thanks Shawn
  19. ShawnFleming

    Email is back up.

    Just an update. Email is back up as of 10:43pm PST. Shawn
  20. ShawnFleming

    Fi BL10" vs sundown 10"z.v3

    You guys are correct, the 4" coil BL is no longer. We do offer a daily or spl version of the BL though. Personally if you ask me, the spl version of the BL10 is monster!
  21. ShawnFleming

    All Fi Emails

    Yes email is back up and working!
  22. ShawnFleming

    All Fi Emails

    Hey guys, I just want to let everyone know. Our email is currently down with the changeover to the new website(which is awesome if I do say so myself). It is out of my hands right now and is on the new email company. I do apologize about the inconvenience. If you need anything right now, feel free to hit me up on here or in a PM. Thanks, Shawn
  23. ShawnFleming

    My link to check progress doesnt work

    Give me one moment, and I will get that right to you. I just need to log into the computer at work and get that for you. I will PM it to you momentarily. thanks, Shawn
  24. ShawnFleming

    All Fi Emails

    Is he on this forum? If not PM me and I will give you my number and I will definitely take care of him, you know that!
  25. ShawnFleming

    My link to check progress doesnt work

    Your sub has shipped and is on the way to you. If you check your tracker, it will show that it is on the way. The email issue is out of my hands, Im just waiting on the email company to get it up and going. I do apologize about the inconvenience.