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  1. ShawnFleming

    Any one working in Fi Land today?

    i have replied to all emails up through the 4th of June.
  2. ShawnFleming

    My "Red Chrome" dustcap stickers are coming off :(

    just shoot me an email at sales @ ficaraudio.com and I will send you out some new ones, the color of your choosing.
  3. ShawnFleming

    New Dustcap

    email me at sales @ ficaraudio.com and I will help you out.
  4. ShawnFleming

    FI today is my 15th business day are my subs done yet?

    Did you email me at the sales@ email? What is your invoice number, i have to go by work for a little while here in a minute, and I can look it up for you.
  5. **********EDIT********** Hey guys, just needed to let you know that I have been very swamped at my normal 9-5 job, as I have received a promotion and am now the head of the IT dept in gainesville at my company, but that nw means a ton of hours. I have not been able to devote the time to the forum and emails like I used to, and am deeply sorry. As soon as I hire a few more ppl I will be back to full support, but for now I must backout for a little while. I will be back!
  6. ShawnFleming

    Nick or Scott...ring ring ring.

    You can call the ascendant phone during business hours and I will answer.
  7. ShawnFleming

    speaker wire size

  8. ShawnFleming

    speaker wire size

    It all depends on how much power you are running.
  9. ShawnFleming

    Editing my order

    yeah orders@ficaraudio.com
  10. ShawnFleming

    Average time for recone?

    Mat, I replied to your other thread. I will check it out in the morning when I get into the office. -Shawn
  11. ShawnFleming

    No email response

    Mat, I will check this out when I get into the office in the morning.
  12. ShawnFleming

    Stickers coming off of brand new n2s

    email me your address at sales@ficaraudio.com and I'll get you out another one. Just specify the type/color
  13. ShawnFleming

    Blueprint Audio??????

    why is that?
  14. ShawnFleming

    Fi Recone Tutorial Courtesy of Nick

    looks great and very informative. I've been doing recones for around 13 years and I must say that is a good write up! My wife even has done recones with us at daytona, and at my shop!
  15. ShawnFleming

    Looking to buy AA 12" assassins x 2

    more info on setup would def help.
  16. ShawnFleming

    Any AA questions.

    Hey guys, for now, this forum is mainly for anyone that has previous products and would like to post pictures or ask questions. Until the new products launch there is nothing really to talk about, so lets get this forum going, and discuss previous AA products. If you could post pics of you builds and worklogs that would be great. Thanks guy, Shawn Fleming
  17. I hate to do this but we are gonna be either renting a house or buying a house and I need the money for a downpayment or the security deposit. I will be selling the van that Scott bought for Fi and Ascendant Audio. It is still setup the way it was at Daytona, as I got bit by a spider and have been in and out of the hospital since June(spent a total of 51 days in shands hospital ) It is a 1992 Chevy Asto, it has 2 powermaster alts with external regulators, a phantom grille, momo wheels with almost new tires, alarm with keyless entry, it is currently setup for 9 15's and is tuned at 32 hz. It has 8 brand new XS volt 16v batterys in the battery rack which holds 32 xs volt batts. $5000 obo with the 8 XS Volt batteries. Will not sell without the batteries unless someone wants to buy all the batteries seperate first. I will sell the batts for $175 ea or $1200 for all 8. On with the pics
  18. ShawnFleming

    SP4 now up!

  19. ShawnFleming

    World Record Van, termlab, and podium for sale

    Where r u located
  20. ShawnFleming

    World Record Van, termlab, and podium for sale

    That's the one.
  21. ShawnFleming

    fi price change?

    Thanks for taking care of this nick. I saw it earlier but.I had.to charge my phone before replying.
  22. ShawnFleming

    Big Secret?

    Just a little.bit.longer.guys. I will let everyone.know.shortly.
  23. ShawnFleming

    15" Ascendant Audio Mayhem build

    Everything looks great. Get us some pics once.its.completedand.let us know.how it sounds once everything is broken in.
  24. ShawnFleming


    Good looking sub and it WILL perform.
  25. ShawnFleming

    World Record Van, termlab, and podium for sale

    It was a black widow and I didn't go to the hospial for.2 days after it happened as.I live.in the country and get bit by stuff all the.time. well the I got and infection and they had to do 2 surgeries and take half my heel off and a piece.of my bone to check for bone infection. Then when I was in the hospital for the third time and for.the second surgery I got mrsa. Which is a nasty, very hard infection to get rid of.