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  1. tankht56

    Help with new system (mainly mids and highs)

    thanks now I'll just work on selling this stuff
  2. Hello guys i have recently pulled all the factory crap out of my truck and ordered some things but i have a few problems. I bought a set of Cadence CVLT-35B tweeters along with a pair of Selenium St-200s i also purchased two pair of Alpine SPS-500(i know i could have gotten components just didnt want to) . The amp i have is a Hifonics HFi100.4 and the headunit is a Pioneer AVH-P5200BT. At the time of purchase i didnt know the seleniums needed a bass blocker of some sort so i searched and came across using an active crossover. My question is would i be able to use what i have listed with the addition of a crossover or should i buy a separate amp for the tweeters? The crossover i had in mind is the Kicker 03KX3. the vehicle is a 2door dodge ram. any input would be appreciated and if you think i should buy something else tell me.
  3. tankht56

    college station

    its not for me its for my bro park avenue and things are placed wierd hard to get to
  4. tankht56

    college station

    wasup bros i was lookin for sumbody in the college station area that would be interested in me hookin them up with some cash to help me with my build......just dont wont a shop that dont even know what the big 3 is to mess with my system lol
  5. like the title reads which one of these would you rather have four of....
  6. tankht56

    Blowthrough 4 18" Fi Bls

    scrapped the idea man.. im looking to buy an 07 avalanche or a yukon denali
  7. tankht56

    Blowthrough 4 18" Fi Bls

    iamamp3pimp over at ****
  8. tankht56

    Blowthrough 4 18" Fi Bls

    What do yall think about this?? will be going in my single cab 95 dodge ram here are the particulars.... bottom 77 x 49 bottom 77 x 49 top 77 x 49 top 77 x 49 baffle 74 x 46 baffle 74 x 46 front 46 x 5 front 46 x 5 side 77 x 16 side 77 x 16 side 77 x 16 side 77 x 16 Port internal sides (4) 3 x 9.5 port external top 44.5 x 3 port external bottom 44.5 x 6 port external sides (2) 3 x 9.5 we are looking at 10 sealed and 17.75 ported get dowels for bracing... 46x10 for the cutout to cab 10-11 feet of wood dowels for bracing... i mean the dowels are 12 inches apart fiberglass resin first then cover in bedliner... also resin the corners and dowels on the inside so it'd be easiest to build the port outside the car then slide it in then screw it in from the sides 3/4 MDF sheets its 5T x 19W >>>> PLEXIGLASS WINDOW now make sure the inner lip is .5 bigger so you can flush mount the plexi on the inside. like in the pics.
  9. tankht56

    need a blowthrough design

    yea its a single cab truck... the truck with the cutout in the pictures are just examples though... i dont have a box designed yet. the design is just an example of how i want the port entering the cab
  10. tankht56

    need a blowthrough design

    hello i am requesting a design for a blowthrough. The hole for the connection to the cab hasn't been cutout yet. i have attached a photo of how my enclosure will be through the cab. i will be running 6 18" Fi SSDs stock. with about 6k watts. subs should be facing up but should also be covered. i want it to be low but loud. it wont be for burps just a loud ass daily driver here are the dimensions 49 1/2" wheel weld to wheel weld 77" front to back of bed 19" height this is how i want the port to enter the cab
  11. tankht56

    What is the fastest you have gone

    95 reg cab ram 5.2l 120+ wind noise was ridiculous
  12. Will a 225amp excessive amperage alternator be enough to run 3 Kinetik 2400s? my electrical is currently stock but i will be getting a new alt and those 3 batteries pretty soon. everything will be in 1/0awg big 3 will be in 2/0awg i am about to get a Memphis 4KW and i know its a power hog. i wont power it up until i get the voltage to back it up. and eventually when i save up some more money im gonna be runnin 4 Bl 15s in a blowthrough. any help or advice will be much appreciated.
  13. wusup man great build with superb craftsmanship... i have seen a lot of guys with the carputer and a regular headunit what is the reason behind this?
  14. thanks manbeer for your informative reply.