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  1. I’ve been here but inactive for some time now getting back into the stereo scene. Last system was 4 alpine type r 12s 2 rf prime 1200.1d Amps 2 offbrand agm 74ah batteries along with a optima red top in my old srt8 charger. Now I have a second gen Durango and no longer am concerned with weight reduction I’m trying to put a small but good setup in and am leaning towards the Skar rp 1200.1 d due to the fact I was considering the rp1500.1d but it falls short on the dyno where the 1200.1d really shines and does well over rated power. Subs are undecided as of now was thinking power Acoustik gothic 12s massive audio gtx 12s or just going all Skar with either sdr’s Or svr’s.
  2. mybird_91

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I found ssa from the old realm of excursion forums... haven’t been on here since 2008 and actually jogged my memory that I had an acct here when I went to look for roe which I guess is just a distant memory now lol.
  3. mybird_91

    Pictures of your new equipment

    here is my most recent new addition... 50% mark down at walmart...... paid $300 for a touch screen pioneer avh-p5000dvd and it's a suprisingly good unit, far beyond walmart quality. next is 4 kicker cvr d2 12" at a final load of 1ohm on my saz 1500d in a 4-5' cu sealed box
  4. ok, so i've got a saz1500d, i'm going to get a chevy impala 00-04, i gave the gf the type r 12"s i originally had in my lincoln towncar, i'm thinking single 15" for the next set-up so i can give it the box space it needs. would a single nightshade 15" w/1500 rms in an optimal vented and tuned enclosure put me in the mid to high 140's?
  5. mybird_91

    Finaly posting in here.

    welcome to ssa. i had a 91 firebird about 4 or 5 years back, those and camaro's from that era are very high maintenance. i was replacing something every other week, then i decided to swap out the 5.0 tbi to a 5.7 tbi. then....after all the cleaning, rebuilding, and painting, the friggin wiring had unforeseen issues. i gave up and sold it. kinda miss the car, definitly not the hassle. lol!!!
  6. mybird_91

    Sundown Rides Pages

    i will be more than happy to submit my pics and vids........... as soon as i get a car worth posting up. as of now the lincoln towncar is parked w/ transmission or kickdown cable issues and is too expensive to drive anymore w/ gas prices. when tax refund time comes around and my 401k loan is paid off i'm getting either a lumina (aka, 4 door monte carlo) on 20"s, or a 2000-up impala. w/ taxes and about 2500 to borrow from my 401k i'll have a good 4k-4.5k to spend on a car, possibly a little more but i'm trying to get some new 12"s or a single 15" to run on my 1500d.
  7. mybird_91

    new guy to the sundown family

    welcome to the sundown audio fam!!! i was just reading your post over at smd.com about weather or not to get the rf or the saz, glad to see you went w/ the 3000d. i have a friend that bought a 1k rf power amp (bought bnib in 2001, at the shop......rediculous mark-up nearing $1,000) and i bought my 1500d for $375 shipped (2 wks old, still bnib). he was very impressed w/ the output from my 2 type r 12"s in a small 1.49cu. ft. per chamber vented tuned to 36hz, and mad that he paid so much for his amp. he was also running 2 rf punch he2 12"s
  8. mybird_91

    Vote for SAZ-1000D!

    i really like the ideas of a saz 2000d and a sax 50.4!!!!!
  9. i told him to order it before the end of june. he really liked the way it pushed my type r's. also when i bought my amp from chad (lilmaniac2 at roe.com) i didn't get the stickers that you send out normally with the amp. how much would you charge shipped to 62025 for the 2 stickers?
  10. mybird_91


    similar to my electrical setup. 80 amp alt., 1000 ca up front, stinger sp1700 in trunk. my volts w/ 1ohm load drop from 14.5 to 12.8. i love this amp. so powerful and efficient.
  11. mybird_91

    new vid of the 86 ltc

    i get around 13-15 mpg, but when i'm at work we gotta smoke outside so i usually sit in the car listening to some tunes.........car has to be on if i wanna start it when i go home...... so i should probably get 16-18 mpg. it has 174,xxx on it too!!!
  12. mybird_91

    new vid of the 86 ltc

    i love it too but i'm ready to go back to chevy's. want a box caprice......but need a more efficient ride........ friggin 3.85 a gal. hurts bad!!!
  13. mybird_91

    new vid of the 86 ltc

    subs now facing cabin. cam audio sux!!!!
  14. mybird_91

    lincolns....... all big jons,...

    beautiful cars!!!! you make me wanna get some wires for my 86.
  15. mybird_91

    help w/ design for 2 type r 12"s

    yes. would like good hard pound but clean sound at the same time.