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  1. basshead08

    Hdx3 18 bandpass design

    Is there anywhere to suggested dimensions for a bandpass enclosure for the hdx3 18?
  2. basshead08

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    Ok I had never seen it done that way. Most of the logs I've seen done the whole truck was covered in several layers of sound deadener. You just saved me quite a bit of money. Thank you.
  3. basshead08

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    I noticed on your doors and other panels besides the roof you had just a few tiles spread out. How effective was it using the sound deadener like that instead of completely covering the whole panel?
  4. Just looking for something in the 2.5kwrms range for right now until my hours at work pick back up. Then will probably be going with one of AQ's 3500's
  5. I am looking into a brutus brz2400.1 and a brutus bxi2608. What are the differences in these two amps?
  6. basshead08

    06 trailblazer

    Do you currently offer any h.o. alts for an 06 trailblazer with 4.2L?
  7. basshead08

    question about db-r

    I have the chance to buy an orion hcca d2400. The guy says it keeps blowing fuses. I'm thinking the power supply is shot. Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to what db-r charges for this sort of repair. I put in a request but haven't heard anything back yet.
  8. basshead08

    Alt request

  9. basshead08

    Alt request

    I'm looking for some options on alts for my 2006 chevy trailblazer. It is the 6 cyl. 4x4 model. Thanks in advance for your help
  10. basshead08

    Xcon enclosure recomendations?

    They like the same tuning as the icons? low 30's
  11. What are the sealed and ported enclosure specs on the xcon 18's?
  12. basshead08

    Icon d4's?

    Is there a reason the Icon d4's are so much cheaper than the d1/d2? edit: nevermind I'm an idiot! Thats a dcon
  13. basshead08

    22inch Fi

    Any news on the 22's lately? Haven't heard anything on them in a while. Are they still coming out?
  14. basshead08


    A buddy of mine wants me to design and build him a downfire box for his ext cab ranger. My question is how much is the minimal amount of distance you should leave between the sub baffle and the floor?
  15. basshead08

    aq1200d question

    Yeah definitely call dj. He is an awesome guy. Unbeatable customer service.