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Status Updates posted by SpeakerBoy

  1. Never worked two jobs before, but I'm tryna get this new system rollin before school starts!

  2. New catalytic converter, then, an Xcon!!!!

  3. Time for an amp upgrade. No reason I should be beating on my 1.5k this hard. Hard clip life!

  4. It's what I have when I don't have anything else, I love audio

  5. Four Dayton Ultimax 18's sealed...Two Icon 18's ported....can't decide...

  6. Four Dayton Ultimax 18's sealed...Two Icon 18's ported....can't decide...

  7. Discovered my system is decently louder than I thought, turns out my sony is just weak as fuck...direct swap to the pioneer resulted in ear tickling and hella flex...

  8. Looking forward to scooping an IA DP21. Box is built, just needs finishing touches.

    1. jcarter1885


      Lets see some pictures

  9. installed my Dayton AMT tweeters and....wow is all I can say ^_^

    1. altoncustomtech


      Make a topic and post more of a review.

    2. jcarter1885


      ^^^This, pictures as well, glad you are enjoying them.

  10. Got my ID fifteens in the Neer on 50w apiece tonight, what a damn tease. These sound so nice...

  11. Just bought a pair of IDQ 15.2's so I have a little thump while I'm saving for the bulk of the install in the 'neer =]

    1. jcarter1885


      Post up some pictures man and get a box built for them

    2. SpeakerBoy
  12. I spend the vast majority of my time on the Internet hitting refresh on SSA.

    1. j-roadtatts
    2. mikel7829


      Mine does this automatic.

  13. Just heard some Focal Berylliums on some Mcintosh electronics...As soon as I get home my MCS towers are going in the fireplace.

    1. Godsmack


      Just sell em LOL

    2. Notorious97200


      Don't listen to your system for a few days after! They shoulld have told you that :-)

    3. SpeakerBoy


      I wish they'd told me lol

  14. Perfect8 Force MKII..... I am in love.

  15. My BTL as well as my amps and HU survived my wreck :)

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    2. SpeakerBoy


      Drunk in my lane, headed my direction ran me off the road and I spun, rolled, then the rear wheel sunk in the ditch, caught in one of those drainage pipes that go under driveways, and snapped it, flipped me bumper over bumper onto the roof.

    3. EPerez


      Damn man! Are you ok??

    4. Shogen
  16. Opening a shop is on ours minds.... Gears are spinning!

    1. stevemead08


      Lol. Good luck with that.

    2. jcarter1885


      I hope not a car audio shop.

    3. SpeakerBoy


      Thanks for the encouragement. Step on a lego.