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    Dual alt kit

    Gp has some iirc... shouldn't be hard to find.. pretty sure almost all the big alt guys make trailblazer setups. Wish I never got rid of mine now that I have a ford lol They have triples and I saw someone selling a used quad alt on the trailvoy forum maybe 2yrs back, when I 1st got my trailblazer
  2. HawaiianBassHead

    Black FiDay sale up a little early...

    lmao, 2 guys reply, both from HI... what sized sealed boxes would the 10"s be ok in? and how deep are they? my buddy wants to stuff a 10" or two behind his rear seat in a crew cab taco... thanks!
  3. HawaiianBassHead

    Shipping to Hawaii?

    so cut it in 3 pieces and send it in 3 flat rate boxes for $10ea?
  4. HawaiianBassHead

    Sundown Z v.2 -- Cool new part preview

    so what are the recommended boxes gonna be? 12-18" so I can possibly plan a setup for the upcoming year
  5. HawaiianBassHead

    Sundown Z v.2 -- Cool new part preview

    4.4 is a little large -- but they should still do fine. If you are running the XP1400s @ 1 ohm each they should do well. They are actually deceptively heavy... they are smaller physically than the NS v.1 overall but have more steel, so they weigh aboutt he same. currently I run them in strapped pairs at 1ohm-.75ohm depending on the driver/load I have. they seem to like .35 per amp just fine LOL.. I could do double tinsels possibly, if it's available? also I see 18"s in the line up with those would the boxes I have be too small for them on like 2500rms+ each? I figured its small for an 18" but if I'm running them with alot of power I'd like them to be under control mechanically so it may work is what I'm thinking. however not the optimal ground pounder size imo from my experience w/18"s most like at least 6-6.5 cubes... I know you can squeeze them into smaller just not sure how well it'd do for demo's/ground pounding. still well capable of hitting numbers in some cases more so than large boxes kinda vehicle app and power related imo. and I don't have the small spl hatch or power to need small boxes by my standards lol man I hope to see a pair of these soon
  6. HawaiianBassHead

    Sundown Z v.2 -- Cool new part preview

    also interested in time frame and price point? how would these do in 4.4cubes with 78in^2 port per sub tuned to like 43hz on a pair of xp1400ds per sub? that's my current setup... I'm thinking steller for power box I'm not quite sure as I've never used an SD sub.... oh yeah and how much do they weight? moving large 70lbs subs out of vertical baffles can be a pita LOL and also double baffles that're flush are easier to pull out if the woofers are lighter imo. loving the 4 layer coil I think it'd be a perfect replacement for my AQ HD3s american ones with the 4 layer copper coils..
  7. HawaiianBassHead

    SAZ-1500D SALE - $425

    lmk when I can get a pair of 3000d refurbs for cheap LOL
  8. HawaiianBassHead

    Assasin recone kits?

    I posted here since I figured more than one person probably has a blown one so I may help answer for the next guy . anyway, my buddy blew his assasin 10" and I was wondering if we could get a recone kit instead of ship the sub in? don't think the sub is worth that much lol
  9. HawaiianBassHead

    Konaki recone kit

    wouldn't you still have to set the heights? like Jacob said, gap is huge so any ole coils should fit... Jacob - I take it you recommend a fat copper to add enough weight to drop the FS? I think FI could make a few good coins if they got ahold of a motor and were making drop in recones for these probably gonna help alot of people who're numb enough to get them LOL
  10. HawaiianBassHead

    Konaki recone kit

    imo, it would be best for them to get a motor and setup a recone kit around it, rather than not know height to glue the former to the cone or spiders or something of the sort you should send them the motor on one so they can have the stats of that laying around somewhere then you could possibly order recones down the road or other weirdo's could j/k
  11. HawaiianBassHead

    Props to FI yet again!

    why has eminence and such crap blown up around there? that is the true question I've never even seen anyone running eminence in their car.... wth are U talking about? I sure want to stay far away from whatever you've been smokin around this forum eminence and other stuff has blown up? maybe people like to blow stuff up but don't want to blow up nice stuff http://realmofexcursion.com/videos/TC%20Sounds/tc2+8.1a.wmv I blow up decent stuff sometimes... I beat the heck out of my MT 18" too before I reconed it once, but don't remember what I did with the vids it's ok, hopefully I can get me more FIs like BLs or BTLs and when I want to recone them I could do the same
  12. HawaiianBassHead

    Props to FI yet again!

    here's a quick vid I made today incase anyone is interested http://s168.photobucket.com/albums/u175/ha...igherresvid.flv thanks again to Scott and the FI crew
  13. HawaiianBassHead

    X series clearance

    they don't take very much power... I have a mids amp that could properly power them all... I actually want like 4, but 5 so I can get a better discount LMAO... gonna give the other to one of my boys or something.... maybe trade it for something... I traded a pair of RE 8's for 7 0awg ring terminals once locally LOL... traded my RE MT 18" for an alpine deck... I do strange things sometimes... I ran 8 eD 9kv2s when they 1st came out in my car... weren't very impressive though so I put the MT 18" back in... obviously that was before I traded it... my single soloX 10" was louder than all 8 of them LOL... are are my wifes 2 10"s I actually have a pair of 1800w amps I may use one of them... but I don't really look forward to blowing a bunch of subs that it would cost alot to recone.. I prefer blowing one big sub as shipping recones are the same price regaurdless of type of recone LOL
  14. tint nothing... people get killed over attempting to jack less than that... tint isn't a problem imo, arsenal on hand is moreso than tint If I had that, and someone tried to jack me, I'd feel kinda happy like I'm doing community service as I pulled the trigger SICK as can be expected GREAT JOB!
  15. HawaiianBassHead

    X series clearance

    nice, how much shipped usps priority mail for 5 10"s? may have to get rid of the DD 8"s in there sooner than I planned