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    I bought two sa-8 in a box with a 1200d off of S.DeYoung. Nothing but positives to say, fast shipping, very safe package and wonderful equipment.
  2. FocusedOnSound


    So what are we supposed to do for HU now? Seems like the quality of good units has dropped off in the last few years
  3. FocusedOnSound

    cea- 2006 compliant

    excellent breakdown, props!
  4. FocusedOnSound

    Mac's GTI build

    Fellow VW owner here. Nice ride!
  5. FocusedOnSound

    Gotta get that Boom Boom Boom.

    nice parts, coming together nicely
  6. FocusedOnSound

    Possible New Car

    ^this. I wouldnt feel comfortable shelling out ~17k for a 100k mile vehicle.
  7. FocusedOnSound

    Anything that competes with the SA-8?

    Hey, stop making sense Thats what I did with one of my previous installs. I'm gonna get down to trying that with this one over the weekend. However, I'm thinking as long as the box isn't too long, I can simply rotate it 90 degrees to give access to the spare (but secure it with heavy duty Velcro). The trunk of this vehicle is huge, I'm just trying to work around the spare area. I appreciate all the help guys. Enough jibber jabber from me, now I need to get down to business and start the wheels rolling.
  8. FocusedOnSound

    Anything that competes with the SA-8?

    So hows about the thoughts of a 12" sealed dcon? I like how I went from 2 8s to a 12 dcon. I like the sound of that. Gonna poke around for some enclosure options EDIT: I meant Dcon not Icon.
  9. FocusedOnSound

    Anything that competes with the SA-8?

    The updated depth dimension of 14" is pretty accurate. I had chosen 8.5" before because it would make the install easier. A max depth of 14" still allows spare access, I'll just have to modify that trunk floor cover slightly. thats interesting about the ported 10 having greater output than 2 8 sealed. Thought that the extra cone area might make that up. I'd always like to go with (for simplicity of install/setup) with one sub over two. Do you think that, given 2 ft^3 to work with, that 2 SA-8's ported would work and would they have greater output than 1 10 DCON ported?
  10. FocusedOnSound

    Anything that competes with the SA-8?

    Wow, great responses already. Thanks for all the input guys. I should clarify. I HAD a DCON in my old car (scion tc, hatchback). I sold that setup. I'm assuming that my new car (Passat) has a trunk and is larger, I'll need a decent chunk more sub. On second or third thought I may be able to expand my Depth dimension to about 13-15 inch by following the above idea (about 2ft^3). Since both of the subs I liked really want a ported enclosure and we aren't sure I have enough volume for that. What are some good sealed subs in 10 or 8 that work for about 2 ft^3. Or would one 10 in a ~2ft^3 ported enclosure trump 2 10 or 2 8's in a sealed?
  11. I used to have a single 10 DCON sealed with about .7 ft^3 of airspace and loved it, just wanted a tad more output. I figured the easiest way would be to put 2 10's in a sealed box. The problem is I'm not sure if I have optimal room for it. I've got a 08 Passat that I want to keep the spare tire available which restricts my area for the box to against seats where the trunk curves in. Not sure if this would give me optimal enclosure for 2 DCONs. My next thought would be to put 2 8" subs instead. The best 8 inch subs I've seen are the Sundown SA-8. Anyone have any other recommendations that fit for my application? Long story short, here are the cliffs: - Max dimensions are 8.5x26x13(DxWxH) About 1.5 ft^3 total - Had a single 10 DCON sealed but wanted a bit more output. - Concerned that I don't have enough space for 2 DCONs and am contemplating 2 SA-8s - Subs will be used for daily, no competitions or shows. Main listening would be to a large variety of music like: Gorillaz, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Rick Ross, Red Hot Chili Peppers. - Will be getting signal from to stock HU (with Line out put converter). - No Amp chosen yet. Any other competitors to the SA-8 in the 8 inch range? EDIT: just saw that SA-8 are not recommend sealed, but recommend ported of .6-1.0 ft^3 per driver
  12. FocusedOnSound

    SSA Installers

    Thats where I'm from. Vineland/Hamilton Area. There seems to be so many fly-by-night shops. All the good recommendations I've heard from other forums are over 2 hours away (Near NY). I'd even be open paying a one man shop to do this for me. Can I get a mod to move this to a general forum, perhaps get some more exposure?
  13. FocusedOnSound

    SSA Installers

    I'm just joking.Hence the suicide emoticon. Your business model makes perfect sense. You deliver a excellent product at an excellent price-point. I was being lazy and trying to find someone to do everything. I'll just have to order from you and take to a good dealer. That was my problem because I'd trust myself over any of the dealers I've meet around me (and I don't trust myself that much). I've done a few installs myself and for friends, but I just dont have the tools or experience for the fit and finish I want for this install (i want a close to factory look). But maybe I still will get some BOSS though, I mean its 2000Watts for only 70 dollars. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_36891_Boss-NX12D.html :rofl2: :rofl2:
  14. FocusedOnSound

    SSA Installers

    I figured as much. Got any ideas for someone like myself to compare your products against perhaps sundown or got any installers you could recommend? I don't have any installers off hand in the area I can suggest. Fine, I'm just gonna go get some BOSS installed anyway. They SLAP man....
  15. FocusedOnSound

    SSA Installers

    I figured as much. Got any ideas for someone like myself to compare your products against perhaps sundown or got any installers you could recommend?