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  1. RF-ChipmunK

    99 Ford Ranger - Fi, RF, XS, SHCA, KNU, 32hz!

    UPDATE! Will just let the pics do the talking. The updates are the carpeted amp rack and the 14 awg speaker wire. The carpet I did not buy, I ripped it off an old box. I think it's pretty clean what do you guys think?
  2. RF-ChipmunK

    F/S 1/0ga, 4ga, 8ga cable; RCAs; D Blocks; Fuses; Misc

    Pics of the monster cable distros?
  3. RF-ChipmunK

    FS - Clarion EQ, Execution 0, Kicker

    Wire back up for sale
  4. RF-ChipmunK

    FS - Clarion EQ, Execution 0, Kicker

    Wire and box sold on another forum. Kickers left. WOW bet no one wants those.
  5. RF-ChipmunK

    FS - Clarion EQ, Execution 0, Kicker

    Clarion GONE!!!!!! Lets get the rest gone.
  6. RF-ChipmunK

    FS - Clarion EQ, Execution 0, Kicker

    Pm replied
  7. 1. Clarion EQS746 - LNIB Box is very damaged. Will come with dash mounts (minus 1 screw), fuse, and extra 12" KNU RCA's - $35 Shipped 2. 50ft Execution Audio 0 Gauge CCA Red - It's clean, not greasy, no spool. - $50 Shipped 3. 2 Kicker 10C4 150wrms Single 4 ohm - Have 2 of them, will ship in original box. 10/10 mech and cosmetic, cant find any scratches or anything. - $35 Shipped Each Not trying to ship box. Local only please if interested. TRADES - Idk, only things I really need are 4v and up Headunit or RF RCA's (16 -20ft). And maybe some KNU Kollosus Black 4 gauge.
  8. I'm scared to let mine go below 13.6v. But at full full tilt and probably some distortion it will hold 12.6v. So I guess my electrical is all good?
  9. RF-ChipmunK

    WTB/WTT for old license plates

    Why about some North Carolina trailer tags, they are regular size.
  10. September 28th South of the Border That's the NC/SC border at I-95. Anyone going? http://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=13809
  11. RF-ChipmunK

    4th order sp4

    Not as I know of. Just refers to efficiency at or around the tuning point. And that itself is not necessarily 100% true.
  12. How much 4 ga do u have? That amp will never need that 1/0. And guys, I have a Charger, it's stereo-proof lol. I am grounded off the battery as well currently. But when I ran my1500bdCp in my charger I used distros. These amps get warm at 1 ohm no lie. But the outside trim is meant to cook! If your worried about it getting warm check the mirror face around the power inputs, if that's extremely warm you may have a problem but I doubt it. Try this bro. There is a bolt the battery is grounded too. Disconnect it. Sand it off all around it and connect your amp ground and reconnect battery ground. Upgrade that battery ground with some 1/0. U would be better off just running 4 ga to your amp instead of your 1/0 and 4. If you THINK you may get more, you shou go ahead and get some distros. Mount em close to your amps with 1/0 going in and 4 going out. Here is what I am talking about. And here is when I had my memphis on the seat. Grounded at the point referenced above. Where battery is grounded too. So it's probably 4 ft long. Wait didn't you say biggest box? I got 4.2 net?