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  1. Yeah I agree with you. I just know some brands they don't carry in stores that are online only that you get a better bang for the buck for. Just dont know what they are. So I was looking for some recommendations so I can call up local shops to see if they carry those particular models to hear them.

  2. When I search on Crutchfield it shows 6x7, 6x8 or 5.25" speakers. I believe right now the amp is only powering the sub. I dont know how the 2c and 4c amps work. a little off topic to when I looked at the amp to see what model it was I noticed it had 4 rcas going into it. So what would that mean?

  3. Looking for something better then stock. Listen to more rock genre music. The reason for the upgrade the surround on the sub blew, and the driver speaker stopped working. So looking to upgrade the front stage and replace the sub. I would like to stay away from componets because I dont want to cut into the door for the tweets.