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  1. So basically I want to run everything in Parallel just like factory setup then to keep strong voltage readings. Would I also retain a fuse in the engine bay or move it back towards the battery in the trunk and also fuse the power wire from the alternator to distribution block?
  2. I'm doing a motorswap on the car, the intercooler piping must be routed through where the stock battery location is. My question specifically here is can I get away with wiring everything in series? Alternator -> Starter ->fusebox -> battery. Or is the best method running a distribution block in the engine bay that branches out to the the starter/alternato/fusebox?
  3. Hi everyone, I have a 1993 lexus gs300. I'm relocating the battery to the trunk, purchasing a 200amp alternator, and doing a big 3 upgrade. I'm running two amplifiers (jl 1000/1 and a 300/4). So I figured at the least I'm going to need zero gauge coming back to the battery. Can someone here please advise me the correct way to run the positive wires? I was planning on running a positive 1/0 from battery to alternator and split it from there to the fuse box and starter. I'm trying to do this right while my engine is outside of the car so I do not encounter any electrical issues down the road.
  4. I made the above mistake mixing different types agm & non agm. My main battery died and i just replaced it. Car starts great now and my hids dont flicker/dim anymore but both my amps are cutting now and low voltage indicator is on. Is it possible one of the cells went bad in my hc600? Checking grounds as we speak and going to have battery tested
  5. I just aquired a DieHard platinum group 35 battery. I also have a kinetic hc600. Would they be safe to run in parallel together?
  6. rustydawwg

    Reggae music again?!

    I just saw Steel Pulse... again last friday at the Del Mar fairgrounds ( San Diego). I also saw them at Pacific Ampitheater here locally. All I have to say is WOW, what an awesome band. I've seen the wailers, ziggy marley, eek a mouse, and pato banton and these guys take the cake for me. Reggae sounds great on the xcon, but these people really know how to put on a good show with lots of great energy/vibes. http://youtu.be/h_KpeSYITg0
  7. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15

    Ive had mine for over 2 months now. I used to feel the cone on my rlp18 get pretty hot after a nice 1 hour music session. My new xcon barely feels warm to the touch.
  8. rustydawwg

    low subs vs spl subs

    Goals always change
  9. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    I just made a 120mile round trip through LA the other day. I have the gain set just a tad under half, no bass boost, center frequency around 60hz. Man, its nice being able to actually utilize the power of my 1000/1 again ( I had a 300w pos as a temporary setup). I'd like to hear 2 of these setup with 2 1000/1s in an SUV some day.
  10. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    I was very tempted to purchase a zcon, I even was second guessing myself for quite awhile after placing an order. I can tell you though that quickly changed after recieving the xcon. In fact after showing it to the local sound shop, the manager told me its been 15 years since hes sold a sub bigger than 12" and more than 1000w rms.
  11. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    I've heard plenty of w7's even ones in h/o box setups. Don't get me wrong they are top notch products. As with any product, price is a main deciding factor which can ultimately dictate a consumers decision whether if the good gives enough use or enjoyment at it's cost. I can say as an enthusiast my desires were well satisfied at a greatly reduced cost. Yes, maybe I was mistaken to outright claim the xcon as a better driver. My opinion just happens to factor pricing, which ultimately is one of the bigger deciding factors upon purchasing a product. A brand new 13w7 goes for about 1k, a xcon 15" will run you $450. Theoretically lets say offered 3/4 the performance and reliability of a JL, your average consumer most likely consider the xcon a better purchase due to diminishing returns spending the extra $500 for a 25% increase in product satisfaction. Or else Fi, SSA, ascendant etc would not have a market to work with if JL was superior in every way (price, quality, service).
  12. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    This is a video I took earlier. I am using my Ps3 as a sound source (optical out to harman kardon reciever). I'm using a mackie fr-2500 (thd >0.03%) driving the sub bridged (2400w -1) at 4ohm. I am using my cellphone to record so obviously being able to hear the quality is useless, but I figure I'd at least throw something up focusing mainly on the driver in action, and how well it handles basically any sort of crazy bass riff you through at it effortlessly. Again I'm very satisfied so far, no issues such as the dust cap falling off or rips in the surround.
  13. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    2 12's ? Man i already feel myself beginning deaf after a 30 second blast with my 15" be careful man!Lol! These subs are really astounding especially at their price range. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to exceed w7 performance for a better buck.
  14. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    ^^^ Thanks guys! I'm going to have to invest in some sound deadening next. This sucker really doesn't need its full 1750w rms to perform, just match it with a solid SQ amplifier (800-1500w) and let it rip.( I've tested with a few amps already, so far the best results with JL slash series, and even better with my home amplifer...accuracy/response wise).
  15. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    Aaron, to answer your question yes these screws sit flush with the driver. They happened to be a extra set of polished aluminum screws with extended allen heads that Sound Splinter sent me with my 18" driver I never ended up using. I think it accents the driver well, I also plan on picking one of these up just for extra...insurance . http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-15-CHROME-BAR-STYLE-CAR-SPEAKER-SUBWOOFER-GRILL-SUB-WOOFER-METAL-GRILLE-/200815912110 pmureika, Yes and no. My box builder ended up moving (after I ordered plans for it..). I ended up ordering a prefab online very similar to my set of plans and had a local audio shop modify the box into a double baffle type setup. I plan on moving up to a 4cu ft setup at some point, but this works great for now and also provides access to trunkspace which I haven't had in the past 2 years. Here's a link : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Obcon-Single-15-Labyrinth-Slot-Vent-Ported-Subwoofer-Speaker-Box-Enclosure-USA-/111084313340?pt=US_Speaker_Sub_Enclosures&hash=item19dd241afc severancej- 2jzgte swap is happening next march