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  1. Hmm. Thanks for the info. I'll wait until more YouTube people uses it. I wasn't aware of the overheating+battery problem. The only person I've seen that uses is EXOcontralto but he doesn't use it in every video. If I had this expensive thing, I'd probably use it in every YouTube video.
  2. Will the APM 2 work on an ASUS Zenfone 2? I've seen these go on sale for $350 on Black Friday. Do these go on sale during other holidays? Thanks!
  3. Brian V, 1 hrs, 21 minutes, and 14 seconds.
  4. Cool video.
  5. I'm working in a new build right now which consists the following: 30sq/ft of secondskin damp pro in doors. Alpha damp in trunk (fb winner) XS d2400 + xp3000 DC power 270a alt Over 100ft KnuKonceptz kollosus flex 1/0 wire. DC 5k amp 2x XL m2 12" subs Hybrid audio 6.5 unity comp + dls ms6a. Plus I'm going to be competing at some local audio shops this summer so why not represent various comapmies with cool decals.
  6. This reminds me of that audio where a woman calls 911 saying she can't get out of her car or something and the cop had to tell her to unlock her doors to get out?
  7. Lol. I thought that too at first
  8. $34,000 is a lot of money for just car audio equipment -.-
  9. Meh. It looks cheap
  10. What year Camry?
  11. I'm from Oregon too
  12. Combo deals with Fi would be nice
  13. Do you have AOL instant messaging or MSN? I'd like to get some ideas from you.
  14. When you call in for help at eD you need to ask for "Alex". =] That's the trick to get the best customer service from that company. The other reps are fine too, but Alex will blow your mind away.