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  1. Trixter

    wicked one for a single sub...

    yes...i could. i was just wondering if there was a way to cut it half or something...if i split it down the center would it do the same as having both sides....freq. and effect wise...
  2. can i make the wicked one to house a single 15"? is so how??
  3. Trixter

    About to get an RL-P 12, need some help

    i love my cadence a7....they don't make it anymore but you should look into their other models.
  4. Trixter

    What's up!?!!??!?!

    thanks for the welcome backs, guys, it has been awhile. my basement system will be pretty neat, not done yet. i plan on using the RLp-12, logoless, that i got from mike, that is still in a box in my garage! i have 2 sets of dayton in way 8" 3 ways and a pair of 5 1/4" dayton in wall 2 way w/ separate volume control in the bathroom. working on the amp and source unit set up as i go here....i'll keep ya posted on it.
  5. Trixter

    i got this sound deadener....

    wal-mart, bedding section...
  6. Trixter

    i got this sound deadener....

    i used to work at a body shop and we did rustproofing/undercoating with that stuff...only in a 55gal. drum and a special spray gun. it took like 76545294234 days for it to dry and i never got rid of the smell. as for your break light issue, can you remove it? in my state there is no law that requires you have one so i just removed it. that egg-crate foam padding works really well to if your looking for additional cheap deadening.
  7. Trixter

    Size difference in box Q's.

    it would sound the same because they are tuned to the same freq. just wouldn't take as much power to move them in the larger box.
  8. Well, I thought I'd pop in to say hey..so..."HEY"..lol. I know it's been a long time since i've been on here but i had a lot going on. we bought a new house last june and i have been working in the basement ever since. didn't compete last year at all. i think i've only done a hand full of installs. well, i feel the need to hang out and get back in the swing of things so here i am...i'll browse the threads now....
  9. Trixter

    Desk top icons...

    Yep. Totally worked out.
  10. Trixter

    Desk top icons...

    Thanks, Steve, your the man.
  11. OK, recently, somehow, I got links on my desk top that I did not put there. (some travel, poker, printer crrtridge, bingo, casino, web hosting...) I can not move these icons. When I right click on them I don't get a option menu either so I can't delete then that way. Now I have noticed that when I sit down at my computer all my desk top icons are rearranged. Can someone explain what's going on? I run Norton weekly, I am fire walled and use 2 different pop-up blockers. I have no idea how this happened. Nothing new in my start menu and also nothing new in my add/remove programs file. Help!!!! I'm going crazy!!!!
  12. Working on a project and I need to find out how the computer and USB actually work together. What is between the USB port and the circuit board? How does the computer actually receive/send the info.? mainly I'm looking for pictures, diagrams, drawings....something to show the relation ship between the two.
  13. Trixter

    First System

    ike sound has a pretty good deal on referb Directed amps...should check it out.
  14. Trixter

    New box for my Kickers

    If you want to peak at the res. freq. then tune the box ~10Hz lower than the res. freq.