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  1. Trixter

    wicked one for a single sub...

    yes...i could. i was just wondering if there was a way to cut it half or something...if i split it down the center would it do the same as having both sides....freq. and effect wise...
  2. can i make the wicked one to house a single 15"? is so how??
  3. Trixter

    About to get an RL-P 12, need some help

    i love my cadence a7....they don't make it anymore but you should look into their other models.
  4. Trixter

    i got this sound deadener....

    wal-mart, bedding section...
  5. Trixter

    i got this sound deadener....

    i used to work at a body shop and we did rustproofing/undercoating with that stuff...only in a 55gal. drum and a special spray gun. it took like 76545294234 days for it to dry and i never got rid of the smell. as for your break light issue, can you remove it? in my state there is no law that requires you have one so i just removed it. that egg-crate foam padding works really well to if your looking for additional cheap deadening.
  6. Trixter

    Size difference in box Q's.

    it would sound the same because they are tuned to the same freq. just wouldn't take as much power to move them in the larger box.
  7. Trixter

    Desk top icons...

    Yep. Totally worked out.
  8. Trixter

    Desk top icons...

    Thanks, Steve, your the man.
  9. OK, recently, somehow, I got links on my desk top that I did not put there. (some travel, poker, printer crrtridge, bingo, casino, web hosting...) I can not move these icons. When I right click on them I don't get a option menu either so I can't delete then that way. Now I have noticed that when I sit down at my computer all my desk top icons are rearranged. Can someone explain what's going on? I run Norton weekly, I am fire walled and use 2 different pop-up blockers. I have no idea how this happened. Nothing new in my start menu and also nothing new in my add/remove programs file. Help!!!! I'm going crazy!!!!
  10. Working on a project and I need to find out how the computer and USB actually work together. What is between the USB port and the circuit board? How does the computer actually receive/send the info.? mainly I'm looking for pictures, diagrams, drawings....something to show the relation ship between the two.
  11. Trixter

    First System

    ike sound has a pretty good deal on referb Directed amps...should check it out.
  12. Trixter

    New box for my Kickers

    If you want to peak at the res. freq. then tune the box ~10Hz lower than the res. freq.
  13. Trixter

    T/S Parameters, WinISD and stuff....

    Your the man, Mike. Thanks for the update.
  14. I can 110% agree with you on that. I like Diamond Audio and Image Dynamics but, his team deal that we get from him is not what i would call, worth it. I dont think im gonna support Rich and his shop much longer. Hes been getting on my case about why im not scoring loud, cutting down some of my friends (IE James Hegemann, the one that biult my last box) and just his overall racist attitude. I just picked up an RE XXX 12" for $150 and when i told him I have my sub for next year he asked "what is it?" I told him and then hes like "oh, its cheap then if you got it for only $150 or its blown" So for now im gonna be looking for another place to store my stuff at. Once i do that, rich will no longer be my place to shop for car audio. I think i do better without him and find better deals on my own. I do not wanna lose touch with you though, You're a pretty cool guy just not around a whole lot. Rich bad mouthed 1 too many friends of mine so at this point, id rather not deal with him. Right now dont go telling him this......i dont wanna deal with this situation right now. I wont bring up anything to him about your plans either. P.S. I also HATE when he thinks his brands are the best in the world and everything else is chit and should bow down to him. SCREW THAT!!!!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything. I have your number. Someone should really break the news to him the Hifonics is not the best by far...espically for the price at his store. I'm not sure if I'll be with him next year either. I know it's good business to compete with products that are sold at the shop you compete for, but what if you don't believe in those products? Really it's not in the shop best interest to have me compete for them.