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  1. thats the best user review Ive found on the unit, other then the 110000 page thread on another site. Thanks. That is overall about what I expected, so I feel a bit better as I dont have it in hand yet. I appreciate it.
  2. Well, ordered it yesterday... Along with an amp, sub, and wiring. Processing is in the HU. Going to bypass the stock Sony amp & remove it, going to run the MS8s internal amp for now and tweak awhile before jumping to aftermarket drivers & amps. Squmpoius - is it as good as it is often advertised / reviewed? What are YOUR overall impressions? To be fair, I'll be happy if it can give me level tonality and an effective 31 eq. Given the price point and reviews, if it lives up to the hype (i assume I'll have to tweak the options) then i'll be ecstatic.
  3. 8", 33mm one way xmax, BL in the 20. tm range. Primarily Jazz, Dance, Hip Hop / Pop / Rap, and occasional country or classical.
  4. I like being able to comfortably fit two golf bags & pull carts in my trunk. A free air install in the rear deck would allow me to retain the vast majority of my cavernous trunk. Having only played with the idea in a large enough wall enclosure that it may as well have been free-air, I'd like to hear experiences. It wouldn't be a huge loss to tuck a 1.5' box in the trunk, so if infinite baffle is more trouble then it's worth, please say so. TIA Nick woofer specs: FS: 47hz Qts 0.593 Qes 0.635 Qms 8.935 Vas 3.34L Wrms 500 The suspension & motor control are strong. I know what BassBoxPro says, I also know its incredibly outdated, thank you though.
  5. I've decided that I need to address the stock 12 speaker Sony system in my 2010 Fusion Sport. I can't believe that in a top of the line package you are only allotted options to change "treble & bass". I honestly got better sound in my 99 Ranger with a $50 component set and a pair of 6" mids, with a 5 year old Pioneer HU's eq. That being said, I DO use and have decided to retain Sync & Steering wheel controls. The only alterations I have in mind (for now) are signal processing. The amp is plenty for everything above midbass range and the sound can be decent from the speakers. I am adding a small subwoofer / amp combo and associated accessories otherwise. This leaves me two paths: Buy a decent aftermarket HU ($300-1200) with Bluetooth integration and an aux input, and add on a Ford retention module for Sync et al ($200) and hope the ($50) Schoshe dash kit isn't horrible. I stil have to delve into retaining the factory amp (I/O options). Finally, possibly, pick up an Audiocontrol unit ($100-200) to retask my factory subs (which aren't horrible) to mid-bass duty specifically. -or- Buy a JBL MS-8 ($600) or very similar and retain the stock HU & factory features, as well as the stock dash which I'd prefer. It appears that the MS8 is simply an advanced inline signal processor which will allow me to tweak the audio stage & bands (moreso then most aftermarket HUs) as well as expand upon the system as a whole. It seems I can spend an "extra" $250 or so on going aftermarket HU and may still lose some functionality, or I can spend $600 total and get what I'm looking for in total. So I ask, has anyone had any actual experience with the JBL unit? Nick
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    i was originally thinking (2) 8s in 1.5' ported low with 200-300 wrms, but then I remembered I have that TC9 3H in on a shelf without soft parts, and a high BL...
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    top ^
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    No Name 15"

    Yea yea, old thread, i know... uberwoofers didnt have a black frame. natural aluminum. That is a TC9 3HP though.
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    holy sun burned,ugh.
  13. Been using these in a dozen or so installs now (amp wiring as well as battery racks and battery relocations), snip some solder into 1/2" lengths, stuff the lug full, hold it (cup upright) right in front of a ceramic propane heater element (~600* on the surface) with a long jaw needle nose until the solder puddles, quickly pull it out and jam the cable in, let cool a a while before handling by hand cause they retain heat. 0 resistance and super solid full contact with the wire.
  14. Nikuk

    I know I have a car audio addiction when......

    nah, everything in those pictures is long gone, save for the Uberwoofer, those are years old Although I am putting together a 10" Vega 102 install for a friend currently. Nothing like the smell of new woofers. I've been strolling through the SSA Store...
  15. Nikuk

    I know I have a car audio addiction when......

    Pups are in the last pics...? Uhhh, k.