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  1. anonymous48420

    Tech N9ne new album

    thanks for the tip. i heard one was comming but hadnt looked into it. ill have to find big scoobs album as well his songs almost always hit good.
  2. anonymous48420

    advice on new subs

    really? ive always heard to play em at lower power initially. its generally treated me good so far but the way i do things arent always right or orthodox. looks like i may have some reading to do.
  3. anonymous48420

    advice on new subs

    well i ended up ordering it and built a box over the weekend for it. approx 6.1-6.2 cubes after displacement and tuned to 26.8-27 hz. it has 83.25 sq in of port area thought it seems small to me especially for a deep cone 18 but its quite responsive so far on low power for break in. i was quite let down at first when it seemed to only be terrifying on the highs but its quickly softening up and starting to have more output on the lows so im sure after a week when i turn the amp up some it will be way too much. even in its current state its just too much for daily driving im actually glad to have it turned down to properly break it in. i have it in a sub up port back configuration and its trying to shred my tailgate but the glass is holding up for now. you could stick a finger in the glass and pull it back out if you were fast enough. i may do another box in the future if this one is tuned too high to me with sub up and port up though i feel output would be better due to not losing it on destructive waves from the hatch rattling. its about the same sound as someone hitting the tailgate with a sledgehammer like it owed them money thats over the sound of the bass i might add. one of the barns on my friends property is an rv barn. huge roof and one open side for parking the big rv's in. he let me build my box in it and he wanted to hear it once it was done so i had it playing quiet tones for the very initial break in at 14-18 on my radio. 40 is my max volume because 50 is the max so its under the clipping limit. the whole barn was rattling and everything in even though its barely even doing anything at that volume on 800 watts rms. ill try to get some videos posted up after i can turn things up so everyone can see it.
  4. anonymous48420

    advice on new subs

    ok so basically ive been spoiled over the years and had good speakers but i also had a much larger budget to work with earlier in life. i.e. ia death penalty 2nd gen re audio xxx ascendent audio assassins stuff of that nature. well i bought back my old assassins some time back because i loved their sound but they were about 12 years old and finally had enough and the surround fatigued. i already had a nice birch box made and well i couldnt just toss it and i bought some skar audio vvx-3 to fill the holes. well u cant put skars in a box for better speakers and still be in love so im getting rid of them and getting better speakers. dont get me wrong they get loud and pretty low for my expectations but those 8's in a 3 cube box tuned to 25 hz just dont appeal to my ear. they flex ole betsy like its nobodys business and everyone that gets in has a huge grin on their face but the authority and richness just isnt there for me im an sq guy and love loooow bass. while i owned my death penalty i always had my eye on the audioque hdc3 due to it being a little louder than the incriminator but slightly less accurate. well the hdc3 18 is currently in my price range but id like to know from experience if there are better options for the money. if i could find an 18" old or new xxx for the right price or a 21" death penalty id jump on it but i havent seen any for sale used in a long time. im also contemplating a soundsplinter rls 15 but the price is a little steep still for me seeing as how id need 2 and the box requirements are ungodly. 7+ cubes apiece. id most likely get another 18 later on if i go with the soundqubed due to the price alone and the fact that id love that type of authority. the vehicle the install will be in is a first gen s10 blazer aka betsy. rear seat must stay because my dogs spoiled and shes too large to argue with over no car rides. i have a high output alt installed the ad244 145 amp version. can put out over 200 amps cold and over 100 hot at idle and betsy only needs 40-50 to run. rear battery is a 5000 amp high discharge agm battery that weighs about 90 lbs and the front battery is a 1000 amp optima yellow i got for 50 bux. amp is an audiopipe 1800watt rms that has been rock solid for me for years and i wouldnt mind getting another if need be. the whole hatch area is up for grabs for a box and i plan on tuning at about 25 hz as ive grown to love. i always catch flack for my tuning frequency but everyone that hears an install tuned to that afterwards is blown away. a 25 hz box acts like a sealed enclosure and generally has a very flat curve through the frequency range along with super deep lows and a slight peak in output in that range. my budget is slightly limited right now to the fact that im sticking a fresh rebuild 350 in her because the motor thats in it now is tired 300,000 miles and the fuel injector that my motor has is about 600 bux to replace and its also going out and i can buy the small block with 0 miles for 600 bux but since im trading my 8's and the box for 300 off ill only be spending 300 on the motor. im going to need odds and ends to get it wedged in there and also buy a wiring harness and efi fuel injector to run a cheaper factory fuel injection system that was available for my blazer instead of the expensive one. the first week or 2 i wont care about having subs cause ill be listening to my exhaust but after that wears off i have to have a system or ill go crazy. im also in the process of getting my scooter back up and running and switched to liquid cooling because 70 mph on a 2 stroke that spins 12,000 rpms gets too hot to cool in the florida heat with air cooling. too many projects at once but having reliable and fun transportation is important in life and so is having a good system.
  5. anonymous48420

    re audio xxx 12

    considering I sold my 8's for the price I payed for this 300 bux I'd have to say it wasn't that bad of a deal. especially since I reclaimed much needed trunk space. I've always wanted one since the day they came out so I kinda figured why not buy what I've been drooling over instead of just circjerkin to pics of things I'll never own. hence why I drive the BMW I wanted and own everything else I want. it performs quite well in that sealed enclosure I made. don't make assumptions about people's skills before you know about them. I just wanted to hear some info from ppl that have dealt with these seeing as how their not the same as a normal speaker and normal rules don't apply. here's a video on low power in the old car with lame electrical. bitch almost stalled out on a diff song when the bass hit real good. it's a good thing I had a spare optima redtop laying around so I can run two batteries. http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/7423/tz2pblwmyxhtsectajezya.mp4 knockin doors down screwed and chopped. just gotta finish tuning the amp and I'll have more Vids. this things a monster on the lows even in the small sealed box.
  6. anonymous48420

    re audio xxx 12

    well I'm glad people on realm of excursion are atleast mildly useful unlike here. almost every time I've asked a question here it just gets ignored. or you get flamed and banned for saying anything back. think I'm gonna delete this account. just taking up bookmark and password space at this point. hopefully some day in the future this site deals with car audio instead of just circjerkin it to pictures of speakers.
  7. anonymous48420

    re audio xxx 12

    hi all I'm buying a single 12" re audio xxx new style. I could get my hands on the old style 18 but don't think I'll have the space so I'm gonna go with the 12. I need to figure out what to do about a box for it. any ideas on tuning or size? I'd like to tune it low I like screwed and chopped due to all the low notes in it. like the 20-30 hz range is where most of my bass hits. hence why I'm going with a xxx now instead of my soft Parts aa assassin 8's . I've got around 30 in wide by 17 in tall by hopefully 20 or under deep. any help would be greatly appreciated. output isn't the biggest concern but would be nice. the low tuning and sq is the most important part.
  8. anonymous48420

    3 assassin 8's box

    alright i bought 4 assassins from a friend well old friend now lol. only got 3 of em and the run around when i tried gettin the last one. the box i had is falling apart to say the least and its time for a new one. was gonna get one from a shop and waited a month to find out if i have them make me one they want 190 bux. screw that the box was only gonna b like 2.4 cubes. ive tried a few of the box calculators and not having the best results and vents under 3 inches seems too small but ascendant doesnt give any rec on port area so i was hoping somebody could give me a hand. id like to slap it together today or tomorrow. its gonna house 3 of em on the front with the vent on the front. goin in the trunk facing forward into the cabin on a saturn sl2. seats fold all the way down. also id like the tuning somewhere round 30hz. i dont like high bass and the box now is for like 25-28 hz. i really like how it sounds now but id like a hair more output
  9. anonymous48420

    blew my sub

    i will keep that in mind with the screws and all on the next box.. and it wasnt hitting the seat. i had more than a hands width between the seat and surround at full excursion. thats why there is that .75" recess in the wall.
  10. anonymous48420

    blew my sub

    this is 12 cubes...
  11. anonymous48420

    blew my sub

    thats a box not the wall. thats why it doesnt look like 12 cubes cause its only 4.5 iirc. the wall which is in a diff pic is. anyways the wood was bought from home depot iirc. the wood at menards was waaaay worse when i went to check it out so i had to go there fro it. and yeah even after pre drilling the holes it split in a few spots but mostly in places that didnt need much strength.
  12. anonymous48420

    blew my sub

  13. anonymous48420

    blew my sub

    they were decent boxes. but i think it might have been shitty mdf in all honesty. and duran idk why ur quoting the weight of the warden. im using the death penalty. i was playing with a few pieces of the old mdf that i used for them and it seems a little bit too dry maybe? im not really sure how to explain it but it seemed waaay to dry for it being not even a year old. it was brittle and went kind of powdery if you broke a piece off.
  14. anonymous48420

    blew my sub

    i figured bracing would be better than tons of layers of mdf for the mounting plate. and i wont be able to keep adding layers on the front cause the woofer is going to be mounted on the top of the box and i have a max height.
  15. anonymous48420

    blew my sub

    you really think i will need triple? thats gonna take alot away on the box size.