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    Any plans for a "SUPER WOOFER"???

    Thats the point, they should make one.
  2. matt5112

    How to install Damlifier & Luxury Liner Video

    Is it not ironic that the audio quality of the video was horrible yet they're trying to sell a sound quality product? Also the road noise is louder in the clip from the '04 on the road test vs the '06. Not that the auto-leveling makes any comparison valid.
  3. matt5112

    Recone issues

    Nope, tested with a 9 v with the coils wired in series. Cone moves either direction depending on the polarity of the battery, just like it should. Edit: I'll upload a video sometime today, lets see if it helps.
  4. matt5112

    Recone issues

    I bought and installed a recone kit for a Soundsplinter RL-P18 (TC-9 motor). Things were going well, everything aligned properly, or so I thought. When the cone is depressed with equal pressure on it there is no scratching noise so the coil does appear to be misaligned. When running at low volumes (Low excursion) the sub sounds fairly decent, perhaps just a bit too distorted compared to the sub when i had originally bought it. The issues start when I begin to turn it up (300-500 watts). There seems to be a clipping noise of sorts and it becomes very distracting from the useful output of the sub. I cannot test the DCR because I have no working DMM but using a 9 V battery both coils appear to be working fine and their polarities are fine. The cone is also having no issues moving at large excursions as I've tested with 20 Hz and 10 Hz sine waves at decent levels. The reference for distorted sound would be my functional Mach5 IXL 18.2.2 while playing the song "The Four Horsemen". Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. matt5112

    The "New Line" information?

    10 x Vas big.
  6. matt5112

    Anyone have experience with the RL-p 18" ?

    My limited experience with the RL-P 18 is that it is a very low distortion driver by most standards (5400 LMS is king ). This in comparison to a Mach5 IXL 18.2.2. The RL-P was cleaner at all levels, until in convieniently destroyed itself. Other than that, it is not a driver that is going to take well to extreme abuse. If the coil is bottomed, you're SOL. As everyone is saying, this probably isn't your best bet as he's not after pure SQ. One thing this driver has on it's side is looks. Not much comes close to the aluminum cone and rubber surround. Oh, and it performs well too. A key piece of advice is the mention of having your goals and your equipment matching. If you wanted a nice looking woofer with high SQ then the RL-P would be a good choice. If you're looking for SPL then a BL would be a good choice.
  7. matt5112

    Soundsplinter Recone

    I'm in the process of attempting to prepare an RL-P18 for a recone but I am having some difficulty with the glue holding the surround and spider down. Really what I'm looking for are tips as to how to get it off, or the best solvents to use.
  8. matt5112

    Soundsplinter Recone

    Thanks for the repsonses. Definately going to get this underway now.
  9. matt5112

    Recone for a TC9

    I second this as I have a motor from a RL-P18 that I'm interested in getting reconed. I'm in no rush, but the information would be appreciated.