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    nEED IT BAD.... hURRY hURRY.No need to yell this isn't boot camp I used to give my self headaches from yelling. LOL
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    nEED IT BAD.... hURRY hURRY.
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  5. My mouth is hanging open.....Seems like a nasty punch in the face. I Dig It!
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    Homebrew speaker project resources

    Eventually looking to upgrade my surround back and side speakers..... I am running Definitive Technologies 800 Pro series... I would like to jump up to some higher power handeling surrounds.... Any advice?
  7. http://www.epiksubwoofers.com/blog/ For anyone interested.
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    Death Row

    The 18 DR is still pounding the shit out of my truck. I am digging this sub ALLLLOT!
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    Death Row

    A picture of my Death Row beaten down the block....
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    The Chamber
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    From the album: Work

  12. Great! Good to know. I love having goals in this hobby. I also read similar things about being compatible to AQ. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Has anyone had the opportunity to use one of these amps? Cadence ZRS C-1 I am looking into upgrading mine, just trying to work with a budget. This amp is for sale for $389 free shipping. I am using a 18" IA DR New Edition in a 7.6qft enclosure tuned around 30-32HZ. Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks JW
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    The right sub enclosure for home studio use?

    why's that? I am running a dual 15" Empire sealed. It is a beast. They don't make Epik Subwoofers anymore. Theirs no doubt someone could build an insane DIY subwoofer, I am just a fan of them in general.
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    The right sub enclosure for home studio use?

    http://www.powersoundaudio.com/ I have been interested in seeing these in action.
  16. Got the sub finally. Know I need to get it installed and see how it sounds. A lethal injection 10" into the Khaotik ported box. PicS?
  17. I will try to post pics soon. The question is has anyone ever installed the big 3 on this model of a vehicle. 2009 Ford Explorer 4.6Lt? I have been looking at my electrical and there is ll kinds of run offs from the positive wire from battery. There are 2 that run from positive into the fuse box, and at least 2 more that split off into I haven't found where yet. Seem like a lot. My question is would it be OK to keep those running to where they are going and still run 0 gauge from Alt to battery using a bus bar or similar? Also with the ground question there are several split offs from the ground battery terminal to the chasey, should just through those on top of my 0 gauge ground? Thanks
  18. Big 3. Amps. Want another 18 DR.

  19. Some reason my pics arent loading. As for the Alt it has a run off from wire to a sensore, then to battery, should I just keep all them running and just add the 0 gauge on top ? Thanks
  20. How much 0 gauge do you have left? Thanks
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    Bad news for the IA80.1

    At least change the title of the post! It is making sound like its exploding and catching fire to everything in site and killing people. Maybe that was your intent in the beginning?
  22. Happy Holidays>Merry Christmas

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    Death Row . . .

    Thanks All.. I wish I would have gotten better pictures of it before installing it. I mean this driver was SUPERB Built. Well been nice to it so far turn my Remote level a quarter more up and gently raising the volume to slowly get her softened up. Ok, enough of the romance novel! MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL !