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    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Just received my order from Soundqubed .All i can say is wow the HDS312 looks beastly makes the FI Q 12 look small super fast shipping ordered monday received package thursday. Lke most of the reviews i've read I'm a customer for life will absolutely be ordering more need to convince the boss (my wife) need new soundqubed amps now .Cant wait to to play it will update on how it sounds ..
  2. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Thanks appreciate that order # AQ-13926 this says a lot about Soundqubed as a company willing to do that little extra for a customer who already was a supporter. Any people out there who was on the fence about trying soundqubed this should speak volumes
  3. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Man just ordered directly from SoundQubed.com wish I would have checked here first world have saved $25.00! {Any way to apply discount SoundQubed to just placed order?} worth a try if not still excited and can't wait till subs to arrive