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  1. Hi all, I have a JBL GTO 1201.1 ii amplifier, I used to own two RE Audio SEX 12" subwoofers but the cheap tinsel leads snapped; I had heard nothing but great things about sundown so I opted for the X-15! I wanted to know if anyone has used the JBL GTO 1201.1 before, and if you think it would sufficiently power the X15. I know the X15 asks for 1200w rms, the JBL only pushes ~1100w rms if I recall correctly. Is this a problem? Another question, I had the two RE's in an L-Port 4.0cu @ 32hz- given the power of my amplifier do you think the single X15 in the correct enclosure will be just as loud? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you for the quick reply- stoked!
  3. Yep, 1800Woofers.com ORDER #743 Order Date: 6th May 2013
  4. Hi All, I was just wondering when the ETA was for the X series subwoofers, I noticed a friend who had bought his direct form SA had already received his shipment. Thank you in advance, Kyle