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  1. Omega_Ace

    Metered my car with the Ethos.

    It was full tilt while I was searching for peak. I also fOrgot to turn ac off which I realized after I was done. I have never seen or been around car audio competitions so I'm probably oblivious to what most might think is common knowledge.
  2. Omega_Ace

    Metered my car with the Ethos.

    I have one run of street wires 0 guage ofc front to back and same cable for rear ground. Big three is also the same. Rear battery is a walmart marine deep cycle (don't remember size but was one of the biggest they had. Front battery is just a regular replacement battery. As far as the testing I put the meter on lower passenger side windshield and went from 50hz down in 2hz intervals and peaked at 42 then tried around that and did my peak at 43hz with driver door open. I didnt experiment with seat positions or anything like that. Never been around any comps or anything. I'll do some pics and videos. I got the kids and neighbors so I'll get them when I can. Btw thanks for the advice.
  3. Omega_Ace

    Metered my car with the Ethos.

    I'll seal it and try again and get proper electrical and see where I'm at. In the men tune I'll work on getting some pics.
  4. Omega_Ace

    Metered my car with the Ethos.

    I agree. They sound great and kill the lows. I did it just out of curiosity.
  5. I have a 98 mustang with a trunk wall not yet sealed with two 12" ethos on a bc3500 at 1 ohm with stock 130 amp alt and two batteries. The box is a 3 cu. ft. box net tuned to 28 hz. I hit a max of 140.18 @ 43hz. with the driver door open. First time ever on a meter.
  6. Omega_Ace

    DSS Ethos

    Got my new Ethos
  7. Omega_Ace

    Zero Ethos motors left.

    I am sure I will be more than happy with them. Quentin said they are 75% complete. They will be in my mustang with a trunk wall powered by a bc3500. Will be my biggest and best so far. I have read pretty much everything I can find on the Ethos. First was bigjons review that got me hooked then every other one is just icing on the cake. So thanks to everyone talking about these and Quentin for making it possible.
  8. Omega_Ace

    Zero Ethos motors left.

    It seems I got lucky ordering when I did. If the Ethos are as good as Quentin's support on his product then I am in for one hell ofa smile!
  9. I think I'll keep them. Thanks for the info.
  10. I just picked up a set of ascendant audio carbon 6.5 and tweeters. They did not come with crossovers. Im switching to a kenwood ddx371 or Pioneer avh4200. Well either one have the crossovers internally to run them or could passive crossovers work and if passive is a better option than the head units listed which crossovers would be best. Thank you for you time as all I have had in the past is coaxial speakers and since ordering two 12" DSS Ethos and a bc3500 I know the rest needs upgraded. Also my mtx te404 amp running high/mid and is extremely limited on setting the crossover. Thank you
  11. Omega_Ace


    I used the program and got the box figured out for two ethos 12's and I'm goin to do an external port but do I follow the port area for a ported box ( 80 sq. in.)? Or since all the sound comes from the port do they need a larger port? I want to give it an honest shot and get the best results. Thanks anyone
  12. Omega_Ace


    I have one question. When figuring out the port do I use net our total after displacement?
  13. 2 cu. Nt. Tuned to 32hz. Port is 3.5" x 11 and 30 something inches long.
  14. I am looking for the bandpass option. I want to try different Box options. It is in a potted box now and the lows are incredible but I have to turn lpf on my amp down to like 50hz sure to its mechanical limits.
  15. Hey fellas, I'm looking to change box design. I want it to be port forward. The dimension I have available is 32"W x 12.5"H x 29"D. It is running on a bc2000. I am trying different boxes until I can get another xcon and have no experience with 4th order builds. It will be a 98 mustang trunk wall. If there are any details you need let me know as I have no knowledge of 4th order designs. Thank you to anybody who helps.