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  1. Will Harper

    WTB: (2) 10 or 12'' "SQL" subs

    looking for 2 10/12'' "SQL" subs... I.E. Xcon's, AA havoc, IA DR etc. Also if you have an amp to match them I might be interested in that as well. Let me know what you have!
  2. Will Harper

    X reviews?

    I heard two 12's on 2k rms and the shit strait up slammed. Choked me aalmost
  3. So my jeep has a stock 160a alternator. I plan on upgrading to about 2k rms here in the next few weeks. I was wondering if that alternator would cut it if i did big3 and got some extra batts. What do you guys think?
  4. Will Harper

    sub getting hot

    Ya amps getting pretty hot as well, but it hasnt overheated and gone into protection mode
  5. Will Harper

    sub getting hot

    Theres smells from time to time but i think its just resin from my box since its still new. No alarming burning smells. Last time i pulled it was 3 days ago and the coils were still a nice amber color. The heat isnt insane... but its more hot than warm i would say. Ok.. all my music is mp3 or decaf... where can i find good rap that's not clipped? Or any music forthat matter. Thanks for the input guys
  6. Will Harper

    sub getting hot

    That calc doesnt work on my phone, but i checked and all the dimensions match the design for the 4.0 cubes optimal design, including port.
  7. Will Harper

    sub getting hot

    I would gess about 28 roughly. It goes from 20-50 and its like a third of the way up.
  8. Will Harper

    sub getting hot

    I play alot of decaf nothing tooo low mainly 30 or higher. And how could i double check the tuning? I didnt build my box
  9. Will Harper

    sub getting hot

    So my xcon has been getting hot lately only after 30 mins of play on 1100 rms. Voltage stays anywhere from 13-14 while its bumping. Gain isnt even halfway up and there isnt really any distortion. Anybody have experience with this or am i just paranoid? Thanks
  10. Will Harper

    lookin for a 15" sub

    Sorry guys ended up snagging a xcon. Thanks tho
  11. Will Harper

    Xcon 15

    Aight guys, came out lookin good, sounding better.
  12. Will Harper

    Xcon 15

    So im buulding a box to specs today... do you guys think the 45s are crucial?
  13. Will Harper

    Xcon 15

    Yea only leaks around the sub, thanks Im gunna do that. Appreciate all the feedback guys
  14. Will Harper

    Xcon 15

    Could leaking air damage my sub? Or is it only problematic in terms of performance?