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  1. Jordizzle2315

    What will hit harder?

    Thanks man. I'm gonna continue to look around. And thanks for the Input guys, I appreciate it.
  2. Jordizzle2315

    What will hit harder?

    Yeah I was planning on a stinger or a Kinetic. Maybe an optima yellow top but im looking for a dry cell so i can mount it sideways in my spare tire well.
  3. Jordizzle2315

    What will hit harder?

    So If the Bls were in a Ported box they would hit harder? I didnt really plan on a sealed box anyway. And how about a US Amps MD-3D for them? Is that an ok brand?
  4. Jordizzle2315

    My BL 18's

    That looks nice man.
  5. Jordizzle2315

    What will hit harder?

    Well I've never installed any equipment before. But thats why I'd get it either professionally installed or get a friend that has had experience. This is pretty much my first system, but I still wanna go big.
  6. Jordizzle2315

    What will hit harder?

    So instead of a 2000 watt rms Hifonics, how about a 2600 Rms Amp. That would probably run closer to 2000 rms right? I would run a Sundown amp but they're a little too much expensive for me. Are there any other cheaper amps than sundown that I could run that are better then the hifonics? So two bls would be more powerful running at the same wattage because of more cone area? That makes sense lol I dont know why i didnt think of that earlier.
  7. Jordizzle2315

    What will hit harder?

    Im most likely gonna be running them or it off of a 2000 Watt hifonics amp. An i'll be upgrading the "Big 3" and getting a secondary battery. I just wanted to know if a 15" Btl or 2 15" Bls, given the same conditions, would hit harder. It or they would be mounted in a 5.5 to 7 cubic foot box.
  8. Jordizzle2315

    What will hit harder?

    Hey guys what would hit harder? 1 15 BTL - fully loaded. or two 15" BLs With everything except full cooling option?
  9. Jordizzle2315

    Advice on 15"BTL Setup

    Thanks man. I planned on the Big 3 and then I was going to get a secondary battery in my trunk. Either an optima yellow top or a kenetic. One question though, if i got a second battery, am i able to hook it up to my current alternator? And about the box, I have a feeling I could make a good box. I'm gonna use this site for the the actual plans for the box. https://www.klausaudio.com/myaccount/view_b....php?boxid=8971 Note: This isnt the actual box I am going to make, I just put in some random numbers. Note
  10. Jordizzle2315

    Advice on 15"BTL Setup

    Oh ok. I thought they were alright. Whats wrong with your amp?
  11. Jordizzle2315

    Advice on 15"BTL Setup

    Yeah I'm open to ANY ideas. Like i said I'm new to car audio so I have to be open to Ideas. Whats another amp that I could use for a 15"BTL? Theres a 2000Watt Hifonics if 2600 is too much. Or should I steer clear of Hifonics?
  12. Jordizzle2315

    Expedition w/four 18" BTLs

    That's Gonna be INSANE. Post some vids when its up and running and link us.
  13. Jordizzle2315

    Advice on 15"BTL Setup

    Hey guys. I'm planning out my setup and here is what i got so far. 15" Fi BTL - Fully Loaded. Going SPL not daily, and gonna run it at 1 Ohm Hifonics BXI2608D - Gonna put out 2600Watts at 1 ohm to the BTL (http://www.woofersetc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=6637) I'm also gonna buy an Optima yellow top as a secondary battery for my setup. (Or a Digital Capacitor i cant decide) Gonna try to use 4G power wires for everything. IS this gonna POUND? Or what? I'm kinda new to audio stuff. Is 2600 Watts too much to put out to the BTL? Any advice is appreciated. I Just need some feedback. Thanks guys!