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  1. quvit92

    team S.P.A toyota 4runner 6th order

    bass box pro
  2. quvit92

    Amp inputs

  3. quvit92

    1/0 to 1/0 amplifier input

    I have six sets of these for sale for 17.50 each shipped
  4. has any body used this amp looking for info like clamped power and if it puts out more then rated
  5. fore sell is 4 massive audio hippos 8'' 350 +shipping one of the subs has a small hole in it soundstream x3.71 650 + shipping
  6. quvit92

    Beard trick, hair tricks and roof rape

    wish i could see the setup
  7. quvit92

    16 12s in a Navigator

    that is sick
  8. sorry what do you mean my by goals
  9. Will I am going for a sq build and don't want a double din and noting that's some crazy high preamp voltage something you don't see every day just a all around good hu and I don't know if it is possible to use a hard drive on any regular head unit but that wood be nice
  10. Ok so what kind of hu shood I get then
  11. so you would do a tablet over a pc
  12. will i am going to do it just bc i want to and i thank it will be something you dont see every day in a fr-s
  13. quvit92

    Double wall box or single

    do a single and brace it with 3/4 inch wood rods and glass them in i know you don't want to but that is the way to go