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  1. Jasonc13

    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    Looks great! Would you mind sharing a link to the epoxy gelcoat?
  2. Jasonc13

    Lee's Avalanche Build

    Excellent electrical setup! You have the goods to make those poor subs cry
  3. Jasonc13

    Lee's Avalanche Build

    And a locking tailgate at that
  4. Jasonc13

    St. Patrick's Day Sale

    The Damp-Pro works great! I grabbed 100ft^2 on a B stock sale last year. Most of it looked like A Stock.
  5. Jasonc13

    Lee's Avalanche Build

    Monster opening in the Avalance, Nice! How's it hit? You may already have the power wire you need, but I just bought 75ft of 2/0 EB Flex for $157 shipped from Electron Beam.
  6. Jasonc13

    Big Germ's Build Log.

    Why is there a gap above the sealed section?
  7. Jasonc13

    possible trunk hacking

    Keeping port width the same, port area drops to 77.63in2 @ 30" in length, net volume drops to 5.31ft3 and tuning rises to 31.32hz.
  8. Jasonc13

    possible trunk hacking

    Here's a baseline Torres config. I think this could get pretty Nasty in that Accord
  9. Jasonc13

    possible trunk hacking

    I hear ya...no worries! You can do WAY better with the prefab than the guy in that video. Using a kreg jig, you can screw from the inside of the box, getting perfect screw hold until the glue dries. A lot of guys use this technique, like Frogcase in his it trunk build on page 25. That was an excellent box btw!
  10. Jasonc13

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    Are 2 Zcon 18s the current subs to build around?
  11. Jasonc13

    possible trunk hacking

    Do you know anyone that can weld well? It would be no different than mocking up a roll cage for an autocross car, on much smaller stage. Once the outer frame was intact, you could build the inner angled struts to be removable. I would be happy to help you mock up all the tube stock needed to make this work. A good friend is an engineer with a badass Miller mig/tig welder. I'll ask if this is something he would be interested in. If not, I too think you may need to build this sucker inside the trunk. I think you have pretty good height IIRC. Ball park, what dimensions do you have to work with?
  12. Jasonc13

    Big Germ's Build Log.

    Where are your clamps? Even with a not so perfect cut, you could have clamped her tight, then screwed it while the glue dried. To seal that corner, I would first scrape all glue off and give it some 80 grit roughing up. I would then glue & screw a solid 45 in that corner. Once dry, you could even throw one more layer of mdf over the 1st 45 if you wanted. No way in hell the corner will leak then!
  13. Jasonc13

    Removing Asphalt Deadener

    Not sure why the guy cares about painting metal he is about to cover with sound deadener, but to each their own. That hot knife might not be a bad tool to add to the collection. I will give another positive vote for Damp Pro. It's great stuff!
  14. Jasonc13

    Lil project

    I appreciate the offer, but the EB-Flex is so reasonable new, I prefer the piece of mind of buying new wire. This thing's gonna be wicked with 4 15s!! Will you strap 2 3500s?