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    Sundown x,z 10/ Tantric Sounds hd10

    You can go to the ssa store under the sundown subs category and read the description. They are scheduled to arrive rhis month.
  2. streetbeater07

    Sundown x,z 10/ Tantric Sounds hd10

    Then maybe YOU should do your research before you type. I did. The specs are posted. I was stating what i read and saw, not what I thought. Maybe YOU should not comment on this thread if you do not have anything positive to contribute. Sir.
  3. streetbeater07

    Sundown x,z 10/ Tantric Sounds hd10

     I appreciate your criticism, however, you should do your research before typing. Those drivers are linear way past 30mm. FYI. As I said per results he posted. And per them (the results above) they are not. As I have already said he may have revisions, but if so there have been none posted. Let's see if we can get Jacob to chime in on this and clarify some of these renderings. I am not a loudspeaker designer so I cannot legitimately argue specs.
  4. streetbeater07

    Sundown x,z 10/ Tantric Sounds hd10

    Really depends on enclosure tuning and goals. If the op plans on playing below tuning the larger xmech on the Z.4 could be and advantage over the X on the same power. I do not plan on playing below tuning intentionally, however, in the event that it does happen, i do not want to damage my driver. I will set amp gains, ssf, and port tuning accordingly. i want to give the driver the best possible environment for it to perform the duties it was designed for. I am looking for the one that fits my application the best. i do not want to use something that is not intended for my purpose. I am looking for loud, low, good power handling, and sound extremely good while doing so. I want to tune 28-30hz 1.5cu.ft. with 16sq.in of port area per cube.
  5. streetbeater07

    Sundown x,z 10/ Tantric Sounds hd10

       If the softparts hit xmax at 30mm then that would equal xmech. The softparts go up to 50mm one-way on the Z.4 IIRC. Linear xmax on the prototype is around 30mm.        [url=http://www.sundownaudio.com/misc/BL_CURVE/Klippel/Zv4_Klippel_OG_15_Prototype.jpg]http://www.sundownaudio.com/misc/BL_CURVE/Klippel/Zv4_Klippel_OG_15_Prototype.jpg[/url]  Thank you for backing my research with fact. I think the x is capable of 50mm and the z is 62.5! Wowzer
  6. streetbeater07

    Sundown x,z 10/ Tantric Sounds hd10

    I know they are rated for different power handling, but they are based off of the same design. The x,z subs are similar in design to the tantric subs where you have the capability of more xmech than xmax.
  7. streetbeater07

    Sundown x,z 10/ Tantric Sounds hd10

       I appreciate your criticism, however, those drivers are linear way past 30mm. FYI.
  8. Hello guys, I am looking to put together a system with one 10 inch driver in a ported box for my mustang. I am looking for something with around 1500 watts rms, long throw excursion with 30mm or greater xmax. These are the choices that i have found and liked so far: Sundown x10 Sundown z10 Tantric Sounds hd10 I seen some others like ssa xcon 10 but it is still based on the old style basket and spider setup and while it has an xmax of 31mm, Jacob of Sundown said that these older designs reach xmax and xmech at the same time whereas the new styles like the x,z and tantric subs are designed with way more throw built in so over excursion wont damage the woofer to an extent. Which of these do you think will fit my application and why? Thanks. I am looking to power either sub with a dd m1c, m2b, saz-2500d, or ia20.1.
  9. streetbeater07

    Hookup FI Q to Audioque Amp

    your wiring should look like this, http://images.the12volt.com/12voltimages/1_2ohm_dvc_1ohm.gif
  10. haha yea right, wish i just had the amount of money it would take to purchase all three..
  11. Thanks. I figured someone who knows their stuff has put at least one of these through an actual, reliable test and would chime in..
  12. come on guys, just for sh**s and giggles I'd like to see what kind of numbers these monsters actually put out. Not a verses thread just some general power talk.
  13. Digital Designs Z2LV, Z-SE, or M4A? Just a thought. I would like to see what you guys think and what kind of numbers have you seen from actual tests.
  14. I've been running one of Mechman's 270 amp alts for a little over a year and have had nothing but good results with it. Never had one issue with it at all. I was faced with the same dilemma, and chose Mechman. I feel like I made a good choice too. I am in no way talking against DC Power as i've never used their products. I'm sure Rob does a heck of a job providing top notch equipment also. I'm just speaking from personal experience, if you go Mechman, you won't regret it.
  15. streetbeater07

    saz 3000d power supply questions

    yes they are grounded to the inside of the trunk on the side by the wheel well. I thought the body was all tied together and the current transferred through the body..