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  1. Drew513Ryder

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    Do the van
  2. Drew513Ryder

    08 scion xb^2 B2 products galore.

    Nice build, those amps look awesome like the way they are mounted with the b2 sign.
  3. Drew513Ryder

    Competitions in GA?

    Check the upcoming events on the MECA website and on Termpro.
  4. Drew513Ryder


    LOL, I like how he couldn't get the door open fast enough.
  5. Drew513Ryder

    Some what loud single cab trucks.

    upload to the net, hit the image icon in the toolbar then copy and paste url
  6. Drew513Ryder

    Some what loud single cab trucks.

    Sounds like a nice setup,and a nice truck too I'm a big fan of lowered trucks.
  7. Drew513Ryder

    trading my truck for a buick roadmaster!

    Or you could sell your truck and buy a car. Truck is probably worth more than the car.
  8. Drew513Ryder

    2003 s10 build

    This will probably be slow but here is the start the truck my Head unit kenwood Obsidian v2 12s and power for now kenwood 9105d no pics but I have done a big 3 with stinger 0 gauge ofc also I just ordered a IA 10.1 and also a set of crescendo audio cz 6.5 components
  9. Drew513Ryder

    2003 s10 build

    Went to a comp today in Dayton it was both Meca and Iasca. I got first place s2, first place db1,3rd place bass boxing, 4th place idbl,and I also got phat truck.
  10. Drew513Ryder

    Swift's 2012 F250

    looking good
  11. Drew513Ryder

    06 Civic, 2 Zcon 15", BC5500, Indash tablet

    Everything is looking real good.
  12. Drew513Ryder

    2003 s10 build

    That looks familiar... and real good! The second gen S10 doors have to be the easiest I've ever built baffles for so far and so easy to remove the factory grills on too. The entire thing looks great man! Thank you, I did look through your build log that where I got the idea at,I still plan on painting the baffles and probably adding some grills also but that will have to wait till next weekend because I'll be at a comp this Saturday.
  13. Drew513Ryder

    Got me a nice tool box finally.

    Nice, I got a Bluepoint box (snap on cheap brand) at work, but I don't buy snap on anymore unless it's used. .
  14. Drew513Ryder

    (4) 18" DC Level 4's and (2) DC 3.5k's

    nice start, I like the chrome decals
  15. Drew513Ryder

    2003 s10 build

    Frogcase2002 ( Casey) help me out and made some baffles for me Cut the stock grill out
  16. Drew513Ryder

    2003 s10 build

    Just got these over the weekend
  17. Drew513Ryder

    06 Civic, 2 Zcon 15", BC5500, Indash tablet

    looking good
  18. Drew513Ryder

    My new truck. Decent Picture. <3

    That sick, 24inch LTZs ?
  19. Drew513Ryder

    '93 Honda Prelude

    I like the alt, I have a singer also and love it.
  20. Drew513Ryder

    2005 tahoe road to 150+ db

    Looking good,That ethos is a monster bet you can't wait to get it playing.
  21. Drew513Ryder

    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    They charged back up quick.
  22. Drew513Ryder

    2001 Tahoe daily driver

    Nice, I like how small those are you could mount them about anywhere.
  23. Drew513Ryder

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Those pro mids looks nice, any plans yet on how you will mounting the mids and tweets.
  24. Drew513Ryder

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    Nice, text me when you got it playing I want to hear it.
  25. Drew513Ryder

    Budget 12" sub help

    Try a ported enclosure