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  1. ok... as soon as i get another warm day under the hood i go... I don't know too much bout this area though
  2. no constant 12v. Deck won't hold memory. I'm down to 2 more things to trouble shoot one check all wiring in car. I also have the engine light on, fog lights not working and first setting on windshield wipers not working. I have checked all fuses in dash. checked unit wiring. I'm going to check to make sure that the factory wires are matching with the aftermarkets correctly. Other than those 2 i'm completely clueless. The car is a 95 altima unit is alpine 9835
  3. Twitch

    Stop the dimming!

    YAh those pa's are beasts thanks for the help. I'll be putting it to good use here soon. and once i get the car nice and cleaned up i'll make sure to have the pics up
  4. Twitch

    Stop the dimming!

    power acoustic 2400d running at 1 ohm and power acoustic 520 ran to orion h215.2 and orion 6.5 comps MmmMmm i figure i'm replacing the battery might as well replace the alternator also bye the way the h2 is for sale. i want to pick up that new mag
  5. Twitch

    Stop the dimming!

    Just got a 95 altima little 4 banger already going to replace the battery looking to replace the alternator but question is how will i know what alternator will fit and how big should/can i go? also the big 3 will be applied poor poor electrical system
  6. Twitch

    New Additions !

    how much are those bad boys running? and where can i get them?
  7. Twitch

    haha oh please

    trade me an rlp 15 4 ohm for my 15 h2 i'll pay the shipping
  8. 2 incriminator audio 10" 187 1 orion h2 15.2 (looking to sell or trade) 2 jl 12" w3 2 jl 15" w0 1 12" idmax
  9. Twitch

    Linear Motor Technology - A Reference

    so why the svc?
  10. Twitch


    i want to take one of those videos off there. but cant' figure out how... that middle one just sounds like crap... well and so does the last one where there's that minute of silence... but as of right now my system is out of comission but... hopefully before spring i should have something going for me again
  11. Twitch

    RL-p vs XXX

    bout time something got blown up
  12. Twitch

    RL-p vs XXX

    i think i'll hang on to the h2... and just pick up a ss in the summer or fall... or maybe if i have the space in my next car i'll pick up another h2 and another pa 2400 and a battery... and alternator... and a bunch of 0awg wire and and and and and and and
  13. Twitch

    RL-p vs XXX

    nah it hasn't...
  14. Twitch

    RL-p vs XXX

    you definatly twisted some peoples balls on this one *muhahahaha* so who wants to trade my orion for a ss
  15. Twitch

    RL-p vs XXX

    maybe i'll have to trade in the h2 for the rl-p 15