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  1. manbeer

    sundown power pwning my windows

    I don't even now what to say. Holy chit
  2. manbeer

    New Zed amps

    ^signature material right there
  3. manbeer

    12" Dcon common chamber flared port

    That is SO nice! I wish i could hear one of the flared port boxes in person, or that i had room for something like that
  4. manbeer

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Ughh....i just got my car back from the stealer today and went straight to a friends house and worked on cars for 8 hours. I'm tired and grumpy, and i am starting to realize that i'm tired and grumpy like 90% of the time. I'm just rarely ever in a good mood these days. On top of that, i turn 25 in a few weeks and i am starting to realize that i'm getting older, and have accomplished much less at this point then i had hoped to. It's tough to tell whether it was underacheivement or overly ambitious goals. Anyway i guess i'm just ranting cause i am a little frustrated, and sometimes it's comes out easier when talking to people that you don't personally know
  5. manbeer

    I want to BUY a new sub : SSA Icon 15

    I've been really happy with all the Power series amp offerings. With the reasonably priced refurbs floating around they are probably some of the best bang for the buck amps you will find. The subs aren't BAD, but definitely not worth the money. Still better than a lot of the commercial offerings though.
  6. manbeer

    Cutting plexiglass

    congratulations, you just scored yourself a few hundred dollars worth of plexi for free!
  7. manbeer

    Spring Cleaning X series 12's!

    very good deal
  8. manbeer


    And all the infiniti/nissan guys do is talk about "japanese reliability" and how german cars have "electrical problems" Well, i'd rather have a window that doesn't roll down or a seat that doesn't heat up than a car that doesn't get me where i need to go! I think japanese cars are good if you drive like a grandma, 10k miles a year, and never go above 4k rpm. If you like to drive hard, they don't hold up too well...the german cars LOVE to be pushed hard.
  9. manbeer

    soundstream splx

    They get very loud in medium sized ported enclosure of a moderate amount of power. Sound is decent for what it is, they don't seem to dig real, real low but that could also be a result of the setup i heard. If you're primary goal is a loud daily system, they are a pretty good choice
  10. manbeer


    Thanks, unfortunately i think my car is the biggest piece of garbage. It rides like crap, handles like crap, squeaks and rattles like a hooptie and is always breaking down. In fact, i can not give you measurements because it is at the dealer right now, after breaking down on me AGAIN. all it is good for is looking nice standing still. i will avoid nissan products like a case of gonorrhea from now on. Do yourself a favor and go german. 3 series handle better but still absorb the bumps better, are made better and of better materials, and hold up to hard driving better. I will be going BMW or Porsche next...and this is coming from a moderator on a G35 board
  11. manbeer

    everyone read leave opinion

    You guys should see what i deal with on a day to day basis being a mod on the G35 forums...now that they have fallen into the price range where "certain" people can afford them If i see one more "what size spacer to fit G37 wheels on a G35" thread i swear i might shoot myself. You thing the sub vs sub threads are bad, this is simple math...X offset - Y offset = the spacer you need. duh
  12. manbeer

    I want to BUY a new sub : SSA Icon 15

    If it means anything, the DCON 12 beats my T2 10, on 1/4 the power
  13. I think he is referring to the T3002 from those specs. If thats the case, and he is running it at 1 ohm or 2 ohm bridged, it'll be more like 800 class AB watts. That being said, i did the same amp in 2 ohm bridged for a customer with another G35, 4 gauge wiring, stock everything, no big three...voltage fell to 12.9ish. G35 has 110 amp alternator You should be fine, if anything spend the money on some 0 gauge and ring terminals and do the big 3
  14. manbeer

    Single 12 xcon + BJ fisher box

    is that...MONNNNNNNNNSTER cable?
  15. manbeer

    dissapointed in my score..

    That doesn't seem to be much port area... it's like 50 square inches on a box thats probably (or should be) 5-6 cubes or more. I would go at least 80 square inches.