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  1. zak1976

    Where ist the "Spaced Spider" option on SP4

    No one here who could answer this question? Wrong forum for this ?
  2. Hi, I am missing the spaced spider option, what happend to this? Is this option still avalible?
  3. zak1976

    Klippel measurements on Fi subwoofers

    Inductance can lower efficiency and sensitivity at the top end and to a lesser extend also at the bottom end. It also seems to increase distortion. The Fi SP4 have many modern features and are heayly build, big coil, a lot of motor force, very nice things like p-champfer (have only seen this at TC Sounds/LMS Ultra) and better cooling options, unfortunaltely no shortening rings or equal... I am lookin in caraudio woofers because the developement hasn`t stopped there ... If you want high volume levels down low (<25Hz) you need heavyweight subs and they can be found in the caraudio world ... Regarding the enclosure, I defenately go ported, maybe in a tapped horn, but that is hard to decide without accurate TS parameters. Another point is that I can get Fi and Sundown here in germany, the LMS Ultra is also interesting, but if I import this chassis it would cost me about 1300€ here, thats 2x Fi SP4 18D2 ...
  4. zak1976

    Klippel measurements on Fi subwoofers

    I am asking because this shows how the woofer performs in high power scenarios, a good starting point for komplex enclosures design ... But anyway Fi is measuring there subs, is there an impedanz curve avalible or a guess what "Le" could be for the SP4 18 D2? Are there any parts used to reduce the inductance of the SP4 18D2? I am not going to use this woofer in a car, its for HT use, so it is important for me to get a low inductance ... I know klippel is not cheap, other companys (SA, JL, SI) use it that is why I thougt Fi also use this ..
  5. zak1976

    Klippel measurements on Fi subwoofers

    no one ever made a measurement of this subs ???
  6. zak1976

    Newbie from Germany

    lol, german food is not that bad... what do you like? more american style? there are a lot of realy good steak houses, (my sister is a chief leader in a stek house), but you have to eat a german meal called "curry wurs t" I think you know that kind of food, my brother toled me there ist a realy good station in kalsruhe called "curry 76" stated in the "Waldstraße 24-28 – Passagehof, 76133 Karlsruhe" maybe you should visit this place, order the "hot" one ... Otherwise the best "Curry" you get in Berlin, but that is far away from Karsruhe ...
  7. zak1976

    Newbie from Germany

    nice one of my brothers live there. I am working in the IT sector, responsible for enterprise resource planning (like SAP), what do you do for work?
  8. zak1976

    Newbie from Germany

    Thank you, I live in the near of Lüneburg, this is 50km in the south of Hamburg. Where is your office?
  9. Hi, Are there accurate Klippel measurements of the Sp4 18 and the Team 18 avalible (dual 2ohm version)? I am also interested in the "Le" value from these Subwoofers, it is hard to simulate accurate without this parameter. Regarding the options of these modells (cooling/space spider) do they change the TS parameters? Looking at the TEAM Series, could you explain what this feature is: "flux flow derived back plate geometry" is this a kind of inductance ring to flattening the top end response or some other technic to reduce the inductance ?
  10. zak1976

    Newbie from Germany

    Hi to all, My name is Olaf and I am from Germany, I am 37 years old and came from the caraudio scene, now i focus on Home Cinema. I have advanced skills in building enclosures and my Home Cinema I want to go with a tapped horn subwoofer. The subwoofer selection process will be done as next step, and there are many interesting chassis out there... I hope that you could help me in this process to select the right chassis for my subwoofer projekt. See you Olaf