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    Music, bassing, frisbee, football, just enjoying life
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    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  1. Matt Prior

    Zcon 12-D1 x2

    Pm sent!
  2. Matt Prior

    2011 Grand Cherokee Build

    Thanks!! On a side note I will not be replacing the 6×9s I will be doing a 6.5 or an 8, havent gotten a chance to pull the door off and take a few measurements with it being so damn cold
  3. Matt Prior

    A ported box

    check out high output enclosures on facebook
  4. Matt Prior

    2011 Grand Cherokee Build

    locations are stock, 6x9s in each door, tweeters on each pillar, i know just about everyone will say its a bad idea but i want to keep my speakers in the back doors, i would be willing to drop the tweeters on the back pillars tho. would be willing to do another set of speakers on the center console in the foot well if needed processing will be either a 3.sixty or a Bit Ten D from stock hu (possibly replacing with a ipad mini in the future) budget is non existent, as long as i know im getting a good value for what i buy, i would be willing to spend anything i plan on using the system as a daily driver, im not looking to compete i just want to have an awesome system to show off. all i need is my front stage to be able to keep up with the zcons at full tilt and still sound good when playing at all levels havent decided on amp for front stage, it will be based on requirements of speakers i generally listen to rock, dubstep/house, and rap
  5. Matt Prior

    2011 Grand Cherokee Build

    Im definitely going with zcons, im working on a deal right now to buy some used, if not im going to buy them new
  6. Matt Prior

    ssa zcon 12's with 18's basket 400 + shipping

    Still for sale? and why are you selling?
  7. Matt Prior

    2011 Grand Cherokee Build

    So I picked up a 2011 Jeep just over 2 weeks ago and I am starting my build, its going to be a long time before all is said and done but ill be slowly accumulating the pieces over the next 2-3 months. I had a box designed and I am almost done building it. Its 5.5 cu. ft. tuned to 32 hz and my truck If anybody can help me i dont know how to rotate this pic^ Im planning on 2 12" ZCONs D1 fully loaded on a BC5500 Im thinking about what to do for the front end, I'm probably going to keep my stock head unit and go active with a 3sixty, MiniDSP, or a Bit Ten D. and Ive been looking at PWX 6.5s to replace my stock 6 x 9s but im open to any other options. Im not going for a high level SQ set up, I just want something thats going to keep up with my sub stage. I have 4 spots for tweets on all 4 pillars and then 4 spots for speakers in each door and I want to keep them all where they are, I want to be as in-evasive as possible in the front of the truck. I will be doing a Mechman 320a Alt and 0 gauge big 3 What do you guys think!!??
  8. Matt Prior

    Sub size choice

    Agreed Awesome, thanks for the input. Any 18s "better" than the evil? Something that could be powered by one BC5500d?
  9. Matt Prior

    crescendo bc5500 for sale 800$

    800 shipped?
  10. Matt Prior

    Sub size choice

    Not sure the exact size but i dont plan on using the rear for anything else besides the subs, so ill have room for probably around 10 cubes
  11. Matt Prior

    Sub size choice

    Hey guys, I plan on building a system from scratch when I buy a new vehicle. Im planning on buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee and buying a BC5500d and I will have plenty of space in the rear of the SUV but I cant decide if I want to get 2 12"s sundown x-12s or an 18" SSA Evil. Those subs are just examples, Im not set on any one brand or sub. What do you guys think? 2 12"s or an 18" or something else possibly? Matt