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  1. Stephan

    good receiver?

    im not positive .. but i need a receiver to hookup my computer to a home theater setup right? what receiver is recommended for under $500 .. cheaper if possible, just want to get something setup, that can be amplified. i am thinking of 2 xti 1000s.
  2. Stephan

    newbie with a plan!

    i have an awesome extra battery if you're needing one. send me a pm welcome to the boards
  3. Stephan

    Verfication of wiring

    So basically hook the inputs to both + + and both - - of the amps?
  4. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    Well amp went up in smoke yesterday. Won't have money for a week or two to get it repaired. This pucking sucks.
  5. move your power wires away from the speaker wires
  6. Stephan

    BKOLFO4= good AA dealer!

    I didn't get AA from him but got my Alt within 3 days of paying. Will be buying from you in the future.
  7. Stephan

    Bad experience with wesley

    Nm im a stoner =]
  8. Stephan

    Verfication of wiring

    What exactly is bridging? Sharing power between channels to add resistance?
  9. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    Thank you, I did a run under the car, the cable is hidden away and pulled pretty tight, it hangs maybe 1/4th inch off the bottom of the vehicle which is not noticeable at all. I will need to pin it up still, any suggestions on what to use? I went under the car so I didn't have the wire under the carpet showing where the cable is. My 0/1 grounding is done only in the rear, it seems a little more difficult to replace the front grounding because the engines grounding cable isnt long enough for me to reclamp it with another 0guage wire. Is there anything to worry about here?
  10. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    I am going to see what is easiest, if I need to drill at all, I will just run under the car and make sure there is hang. One reason for running under the car is to keep power wires away from speaker wire. It is also a lot easier to conceal under the car as well, 0/1 and bigger can get pretty hard to hide. Running under the carpet I imagine raises a good portion of the carpet, including around the cable.
  11. no problems here either, i was worried at first, but every where i've read that isolators are just a waste of money
  12. Stephan

    Wire Run .. Why?

    Must just be a personal preference then ... that little white girl is going to get the big black hose shoved in her weather she wants it or not!! lol Ugh... Duran, how do you like the crossfire amps? Have you used them on your mids or highs yet? Ever tried a SD? I am not sure if I want to get a 100.4 or grab another crossfire