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  1. Smackdaddy66

    Which subs?

    No, their molded, I'd like to TRY to keep things simple. Right now, I have two Fosgate p2's with an Old Skool PPI amp, and it's just not cutting the mustard. The car is finicky though. Just put in a new HU, stock went out, using the stock Bose surround.
  2. Smackdaddy66

    Which subs?

    As far as goals, wanting something definetly nice, good lows, powerful sub, I have a 04 Deville, so I got all trunk space, I'm assuming stock setup isn't gonna be able to pull the weight. If need be I could go a different way, not really looking to invest a ton in electrical. Caddy's are extremely hard to find aftermarket upgrades for. I'm just not sure than one 12 is gonna provide what I'm after.
  3. Smackdaddy66

    Which subs?

    I'm hoping to pick up a Sundown SAZ 2500 DV2 amplifier, I wanting to get two 12's, money really isn't the deciding factor, but I'm wondering which ones, and set up how, anyone have experience, especially with this amp, it'd be my first one. I've been out the scene for a WHILE, and want to get NICE stuff, hear real good stuff bout FI subs.