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  1. scottiej

    Just got my XS battery, now what?

    If you just bought it, and the voltage is above 12.7V, you don't need to charge it or buy a charger.
  2. These links are from old outdated threads, and as a competitor myself, I would not recommend using the PC1750 for SPL purposes. For street A, I would recommend the 2010 XS Power D2700 or NSB75. Also, the Deka batteries are made fom recycled lead which is great for the environment, and allows them to be produced very inexpensively. The trade off is life expectancy, and retension of performance over time... I would expect about 1 year of good use out of them in a high amperage car audio application, and would certainly not recommend them for competition.
  3. scottiej

    do i need a high output alternator???

    Powermaster does not offer 250A alternators for daily applications. Perhaps you are thinking of the XS Power 250A alts for audio applications. Since this is the XS Power forum, that is what I will have to suggest The idle output is as much as 160A+... which is as much or more than we have tested from any other alt manufacturer.
  4. scottiej

    Any of Totties magical SPL dust left for sale?

    Ya know, it's funny you ask. I just happen to have a whole van full of it. It's a 94 Astro built for major SPL, and it comes free along with the purchase of $8k worth of the magical SPL dust inside
  5. scottiej

    Question about batteries needed

    Out of curiousity what does your electrical system consist of? 1 - 250A Alt, and what qty of batts? What about it isnt enough? I would be happy to help with recommendations on what could help meet your needs. Thanks!
  6. scottiej

    Question about batteries needed

    If you want your voltage to stay above 14V during continuous full volume play, you will need to have enough alt power to supply the entire system. If you just want to minimize the amount of drop below 13V, then just add an extra battery just for good measure.
  7. scottiej

    What is charging voltage for the D1000

    Or you could use the more economical 16V only charger. It's only $199... the 12/16V is $299.
  8. scottiej

    What is charging voltage for the D1000

    18.5V will charge the bank, but I would recommend also using a good battery charger to charge them occasionally to keep them in good health. Ideal charge voltage is 19.2V @ 15A per D1000 battery.
  9. scottiej

    3000wattsrms...what is needed/

    Its good to allow for 100A of current for every 1,000W of power you plan to run. Keep in mind the most cars will need about 50A to power the vehicle's electronics, so for anything over 1,500W-2,000W, we would recommend a 250A alternator. In many occasions more than one alternator may be required to continuously power a stereo at 14V at full volume.
  10. scottiej

    secondary battery

    I have not replaced the factory battery. I have enough power to play with engine on. I just want to run a secondary battery to play my system with the engine off for a few moment. I don't need to play like that for hours long, let's say for 30 to 60 minutes "only" ! That is why I thought a secondary battery would be good. But I am afraid of the alternator power : would it be able to reload a rear battery ? I will use an isolator to protect my primary battery when the car is off. I would recommend replacing the front battery with the model that best fits the factory location. Once the front battery has been chosen, I would choose a secondary battery that best suits your amperage needs. To power 2400W for 60min contiuous without the engine running you will need a pretty large secondary bank to keep the voltage to the amps happy. I would recommend starting with a D3100 and see how that works out. If you need more run time, you can always add more!
  11. scottiej

    international dealers

    If you are having trouble deciding which model to choose, feel free to shoot us an email at info@xspowerbatteries.com or ask the members of the forum. There are many people here that are familiar with the XS Power brand, and can make great suggestions.
  12. scottiej


    Finding the alternator you need for your car is easy... just follow the link below and find your application, and then shoot us an email at info@xspowerbatteries.com or call at 800-4XS-POWER to have one built to order in just a couple of days. http://www.4xspower.com/application.asp We even offer them for Volvo's
  13. scottiej

    got my battery now what

    XS Power batteries are shipped fully charged from our warehouse. However, there is no way for us to know how long they will be in the dealers hands. Therefore, we put a recommendation in the box that says to make sure the battery is fully charged before its initial use. This ensures that the customer gets the performance they expect right out of the box. 9 times out of 10 there is no need to charge a brand new battery
  14. scottiej

    older case powermaster D1000 vs. new xs d1000

    Exactly the same
  15. scottiej

    international dealers

    I beleive SPL Audio in Trinidad has dealers in St. Lucia. Shoot them an email and see what they say.