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  1. Now choose from 33 color options on your new Mechman High Output Alternator!! Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
  2. A great install video @ Merricks Garage. Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
  3. Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
  4. Get ready for Hearse 3.0. Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
  5. We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! http://www.Mechman.com After a lot of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch. The new website gives better access to Mobile Browsing, Support Information, Pricing, Company News, and Product Information. Amongst the new features the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and InstaGram to foster improved communication with customers. We will be constantly updating our content with new products, helpful information, articles, newsletters, company announcements and technical information in the all new Blog section. We hope you find the new website with a fresh look, easy to access information and we also wish to establish this portal as a source of information for those who visit our site. Welcome to the new Mechman.com http://www.Mechman.com

    Eric is leaving Mechman!

    I'll be back on here once the move is done, just under a personal SN. The guys here can take care of anything you all need, and if you want to talk to me I will have a SN set up here shortly. This was a great experience and I hope that Mechman continues where I left off.

    Need an alt for a VW Golf

    I have been out of the office. For faster response please email eric@mechman.com.
  8. Hello All- I have made the decision to move back to California and my last day at Mechman will be Wednesday, May 9th. All of your questions for sales, technical assistance or anything else can be answered by any of the other staff here at Mechman, and they will be present here on the forums just as I have been. This has been a great experience, one that added much knowledge on top of my years of experience, and it is unfortunate that life has pulled me back to California. I am thankful for my time working here at Mechman, for the customers I have helped, and for the people I have met, and leave here with new friends, business associates and knowledge that I can share with the community in my future efforts. I will not be competing with Mechman's business, I am not going out on my own in this market, but I do expect to maintain a presence in the car audio community in some aspect. Michael, Josh and Matt will be here to help you with any of your needs, and my emails will be forwarded to them once I leave Mechman. If it's something that we were discussing before my departure they can pull up the conversations or even contact me if they need info. Don't forget that we are doing a 10% off promo this month only AND we are giving away an alternator at the end of the month. See the threads on here for details. Thanks to all of you who run Mechman Alternators and represent our brand. -Eric.

    Mechman MAY GIVEAWAY!

    Looking forward to seeing it.
  10. Just be sure to mention the code at the time of order so you will get your discount!
  11. The MECHMAN May Giveaway!!!!!!!!! Everyone loves FREE, right? Who wants a FREE Mechman Alternator? For the month of May Mechman is giving away a FREE Mechman Alternator. The rules of this contest are simple, and the winner will be chosen on June 1st, 2012. No waiting for months to see if you win, we are going to decide the winner on the 1st of June, 2012, and will get your new alternator shipped by June 29th, 2012. The RULES- •Entries are to be submitted in the form of a Youtube video of at least 2 minutes in length. The video should describe your vehicle, audio system, and electrical system while showing it all in the video.You will need to include the year, make, and model of your vehicle in the video.Describe your sound system and other electrical accessories on the vehicle. Entries must have “Mechman Alternators” at the beginning of the title. •Email the link to the Youtube video to mlogan@mechman.com. This is the ONLY way for your video to be entered in this contest. In this email you MUST include your full name, year, make, model and engine of your vehicle and telephone number. •NO Profanity, Nudity in the video, visual or spoken. Any video deemed profane will not be considered. The video needs to be suitable for all ages. •Submissions MUST be received by 5:30pm (EST) May 31st, 2012. NO EXCEPTIONS. •PRIZE VALUE-Maximum value $449, not redeemable for cash. For units with a retail value of greater than $449 the winner will be responsible for the difference. Winner to pay all associated shipping costs. Limited to applications currently available from Mechman as of May 1st, 2012. Excludes custom builds and applications in development. •Non-transferrable. The alternator will be produced for the vehicle in the winning video and ONLY the vehicle in the winning video. NO EXCEPTIONS. The prize will be awarded to the person submitting the winning video ONLY based on the information provided in the emailed submission. *This means the alternator will be built for the car shown in the video, that’s why we want a video of YOUR car. •Mechman Employees, Dealers and Distributors, and the family thereof are not eligible for this contest. •The determination of the winner is at the sole discretion of Mechman Alternators. •DO NOT call or email us about the status of your submission or about the judging of this contest. Entrants who harass or otherwise annoy us will be disqualified. •Mechman Alternators reserves the right to amend these rules or end the contest at any time. •Videos submitted become the property of Mechman Alternators and by submitting the video you are allowing Mechman Alternators to use and/or reproduce this video. Judging Criteria- •Vehicle- Condition of the vehicle. Is this vehicle a good representative of Mechman customers? Is the overall condition of the vehicle representative of the quality of Mechman alternators? •Audio- Amplifiers-How much power? Speakers/Subwoofers-How many speakers in the system? Install quality-What is the quality of the installation? Is it unique or cookie-cutter? •Existing electrical system- Batteries-What brand? How many? Cable-What brand(s)? What size(s)? Alternator- What brand? What output? Voltage drop issues? •Owner- Is the entrant someone who will promote the Mechman brand? Does the entrant address the above criteria? Does the entrant address why he/she things he/she is deserving of a free Mechman alternator? •Video Quality- Is the video and sound clear? Can we understand what the entrant is describing? Does the video show the above listed items? Read this carefully and you will see what we want out of the video. No further direction, instruction or clues to winning will be given. This is up to you, your talent, your vehicle and your desire to win a free Mechman Alternator. Good Luck!
  12. MECHMAN May Discount Code Want to receive 10% off your Mechman Alternator? We are offering 10% off all Mechman alternators purchased in the May of 2012 when the discount code is applied at the time of purchase. Mention the discount code MMA512 and receive 10% off retail pricing on your Mechman alternator purchase in the month of May, 2012. This discount applies to orders placed by phone or email, does NOT include website orders. Discount code MUST be presented at the time of purchase. This discount ONLY applies to alternators. Cable, accessories, batteries and shipping charges are not included in the discount. All purchases must be paid in full at the time of order, in the month of May, 2012, to receive the discount. This offer is not to be combined with any other discount. Mechman reserves the right to end this discount at any time. Offer ends May 31st, 2012 at the close of business.
  13. Demoing at idle is bad with just about any charging system and battery combo. The alternator uses it's fans to shed the heat generated as a product of power production and needs to be at speed to cool properly.

    270a SRT-4 H.O.


    My SemiUnl 1500w passat

    Nice. There are people who can't hit that number with 3x the power.