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  1. Brock

    My real band...

    Yo, for any of you who like Rock, Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Reggae, or Jam Bands go and check out my new band on soundclick. I just set the site up earlier today and put some of our jams up on there. These are all intrumentals and are all improv straight outta nowhere. Lemme know what you think... http://www.soundclick.com/spontuscalem oh by the way im the drummer...
  2. Brock

    how to please.....

    how to keep a woman... make her laugh make her cum repeat
  3. Brock

    G-Star Productions

    For any of you that didnt already see this on CA.com... I know awhile ago I sent some people a few .mp3's that me and some of my friends made while we were drunk...well anyways, weve kept on getting drunk and making dumb rap songs so for anyone who wants to hear a few, heres the myspace link... http://www.myspace.com/gstar It only allows me to upload 4 songs at once so I chose to leave out the more offensive songs. For a free copy of our first CD, Sexy Styles, just send me an e-mail with your address and ill send you a CD. My e-mail is... wardbrock@yahoo.com
  4. Well me and my friends have been snowed in lately so weve decided to start this little thing called "gangstaR recordings." basically we just make fun of an assortment of things...so if you get offended easily, dont click the link below. This is just a joke...so dont take it seriously... anyways, here is our first single... http://www.dnbdj.com/gangstar/track1.mp3
  5. Brock

    who's the artist?

    DKay & RawFull - Be There For You? was that it? I might be able to rip it off the vinyl...
  6. Brock

    who's the artist?

    It isnt part of a GU (Global Underground) series is it? I dont know much about house, but I'll see what I can do...
  7. Brock

    New Show

    starts wednesday the 14th!
  8. Ok, well...I just figured I'd let you all know that I have picked up another radio broadcast on wednesday nights. tune in anywhere in the world by going to http://www.dnbradio.com between the hours of 8-10 pm est.
  9. Brock


  10. Brock

    Teh New hottieness

    so...uhh...wheres the ladies?!?!?!
  11. Brock

    does you non rice vehicle.....

    1999 Mercury Grand Marquis - some drunk guy said "lets take marky to arby's!" it stuck after that. I used to have a 96 buick regal that was properly named the shockermobile.
  12. napster? what jungle/dnb tunes you lookin for? thats my specialty.
  13. thanks, I appreciate it. dnb has some serious bass too...but one thing... Drum & Bass > Techno...they are two different genres.
  14. For those of you that care, I recorded last weeks broadcast (88.1 WRFL Lexington, not the web-based radio) for anyone who wants to download. It was a pretty good show so its worth the download. Its divided into 2 parts, the first hour or so is myself and the other hour or so is my partner Trent. If you want to hear the other hour you need to tune in! here are the links...pretty big mp3's, about 70 min each @ 128k... http://www.dnbdj.com/music/brock-wrfl-12-12-2003.mp3 http://www.dnbdj.com/music/trent-wrfl-12-12-2003.mp3 for those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, check out my site, http://www.dnbdj.com for more info on audio broadcasts, pics, video (coming soon), events, etc.