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  1. gfsolv


    been taking creatine for about 3 months now and lifting for the same and have gotten noticeably stronger. all i can say tho is POUND WATER! gotta stay hydrated
  2. gfsolv

    Whats some good Cardio

    jump rope mang. we also have a circuit course if you're really motivated that we do in the marines. its about a 3mile course. put simply, run for 5mins, stop and do pull ups. run for 5 mins stop and do crunches. run for 5 mins stop and do mountain climbers. run for 5... you get the picture...
  3. so do you think i need to change my alternator out? add a battery?
  4. say i was to go to just the 12" BL. and not get as big of an amp. just enough to push it. i don't really know of any good amps for 1000RMS...?
  5. i was doing a little shopping today online just looking for stock alternator replacements and the alts for the crv were anywhere from about 90-95... they were pretty pricey too so do you think i could get away with just replacing the battery? or even adding another battery and putting it under a seat or in the cargo space? EDIT: or say i was to get a Kicker ZX1500.1? how would that affect my need of getting an alt/battery?
  6. hey everyone. im planning on buying one 12" BTL within the next 2 weeks along with a Crunch GP3000D-PRO and running it at 1ohm load. going to be putting them in my 2000 honda crv ex when i get back to the states from iraq here. i was wondering if there is going to be any need for me to upgrade my electrical system/add a battery or any other electrical things i will need to do? if yes, can you please list them for me because i simply have no idea. i do not know how much the alternator is putting out now either. i have tried researching and cannot find the stock one anywhere. any help would be appreciated thanks
  7. gfsolv


    home for me would be good old PA. can't wait to get back. hopin to learn some tricks of putting together my own sound from everyone on here that already knows what they're doing haha.
  8. gfsolv

    build for a CR-V

    i wish i could but im overseas right now. bought my car over here and its at my house. won't be home for 3 more months and all i can find online about the cargo dimensions is this: Cargo capacity: rear seat down (liters): 1,903 and all seats in place (liters): 838
  9. gfsolv

    build for a CR-V

    anyone have any ideas? i have 838 liters to work with, that would be taking up the entire cargo area. im not looking to take up all of that room but if push comes to shove... also, anyone have any answers for any of my questions above? i told you, im new to this so i wanted to come consult the guys who have been doing this their whole life and try to take some knowledge from everyone. thanks
  10. gfsolv


  11. gfsolv

    build for a CR-V

    looks like a good amp for me. especially if later i want to build a new box and put in another sub. as for the electrical upgrade and second battery, what do you mean electrical upgrade? i know what you mean by second battery but any ideas for how big/which one i would need? also how to install and hook it up? and johnecon2001, thank you for that diagram and help. definatly helped me out and im sure the diagram will when i build. also, from motortrend.com it says a 2000 crv ex has 838 liters with all the seats in place. also, would i want to check any of these when i do decide to order my BL: p chamfer, flatwind, cooling, daily or spl, extreme lead, universal? i'm going to be listening to an even amount of rap and metal and i don't really know what any of those options mean lol. appreciate all the help
  12. gfsolv

    build for a CR-V

    i'm willing to give up most of the cargo space for this. and no i haven't boughten an amp yet i wasnt sure on what kind or how big of one i should get. say if i was to go with the 15, what would anyone recommend for an amp? price range would be anything up to around 400-500$. and i was looking at the 1ohm because im under the impression the lower the ohms, the louder it is...? any suggestions?
  13. gfsolv

    build for a CR-V

    hey im brand new to building and i just had a few questions. i've been trying to read up and take in all the material i can get my hands into online. i have a 2000 honda cr-v ex and im looking at getting either the BL15 or the BL12. i wanted to see what everyone thought would be better for an suv. i would be putting it in a ported rectangle box. and it also seems i would want to get the dual 1ohm but what else would i get that is optional? sorry for being such a newb haha. any help is appreciated. i just wanna have all my info done before i buy and ship it ot my house back in the states so i can come back from iraq and install thanks!
  14. gfsolv


    hey hey new to systems but trying to do my best soaking up all the info i can read on the web. this way when i get out of this hellhole iraq, i can come back and put a decent sound in my car.