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  1. DustyTheGinger

    Bracing a Subwoofer box

    Hello, I am currently putting together my plans to build a box for one fi audio ssd 12. I am going to build a ported box and I was wondering about bracing? I will only be pushing 500 watts to this sub but will be upgrading to 1000 rms in the future. I was wondering if putting 45's in the corners would be enough or if I need something more. I keep reading mixed responses about 45's in a sub box. I also am having a hard time understanding the whole port length thing. Any help is always appreciated thanks!
  2. DustyTheGinger

    single 12 inch SSD box

    Hello, I am trying to find designs for a single FI SSD 12 inch ported subwoofer box. I want 2 cubic feet tuned @33hz. I can only find plans for 2 SSD subs in a box. Any help would be great!
  3. DustyTheGinger

    Building a box for a Fi X 12

    Hello, I am currently in the market for a sub woofer box for a Fi audio X 12 sub woofer. I have been trying to get the specs right with RE audio calculator but it seems I am in need of help. I have room for a H 14" x W 22" x D 22" sub box. I want it to be ported and tuned @ 33Hz I will be powering it with a amp that pushes 500w @2 ohms. Thank you for all of your help. Link to the Sub. http://store.ficaraudio.com/x12/ I plan to make it out of MDF.
  4. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    Alright then how should I go about making the box for the Fi audio 12x? The RE audio calculator is kind of confusing.
  5. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    What is the difference between the X and the SSD I mean they are like $20 different in price. Then what makes the X series so much better then the SA-12? What options do I need to choice since I will be running it @500w rms in a ported box tuned to 34hz. I really appreciate the help!
  6. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    I actually planned on buying a FI audio SSD 12 when I first started looking at a new sub. Then my budget got punched in the face I mean its $50 over my budget with out any options. I have no idea what those options mean but if they made it better I'd get them all. I also have to get a new blade for my circular saw and a jig saw for my port hole in the box. I do have one question though should I use higher gauge between my amp and sub then with regular speakers? Just wondering because in my research someone said that you should use better wire? I think I am using the street wires plastic incased 14 gauge atm.
  7. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    Alright Sa-12 it is then thanks so much!
  8. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    Silly because 500w rms is under powering it? or silly becasue it will be okay to under power it a little bit?
  9. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    It looks like the Sun down E 12 is a really good sub. I want a Sa-12 but afraid of under powering it. I am going to make my own box so worries about that.
  10. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    SSA DCON's are only 300w rms pushing one at 500w doesn't sound right lol.
  11. DustyTheGinger

    Finding the perfect Sub

    Hello, I am looking for a 12" subwoofer to put into a ported box. I had a Alpine type s in a sealed box but after turning it up while listening to bass cannon it busted. Right now I am looking for a new sub but am completely lost as to what brand I should buy. I am using a kenwood x700-5 its a 5 channel amp that pushes 500w rms @2 ohms. I am kind of on a budget so it can't be over board. I was thinking $175 max for the sub alone. My friend is getting a RE Audio SEX12D4 for $140 I personally I have never heard anything about them. My other friend just got a 12" alpine type R and he says its amazing. I guess I could just buy one of those 2 but I refuse to buy something with out doing the research first. My type s was a present so I had no choice in the matter but it was great while it lasted. Thanks for all of your help!