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  1. mwerling1212

    MEGALITH finally?

    i hope it comes out soon. im thinking i might replace my saz 3k with it.
  2. mwerling1212

    Strapping 3500Ds

    two d2 rl-p 18s. the reason i ask is because i bought the twisted 8 gauge speaker wire not thinking about it, and would waste a bunch if you see what i mean. Then why bother strapping them? Run one amp per sub and call it a day. Matching them isn't difficult by any stretch of the imagination. It would take 15 minutes max with a DMM and some test tones. hmm well i figured it would just be easier to strap them. It would also be at 2 ohms final load so my electrical should do better right? i also dont have another rca now that i think about it. if i can use the terminals; one amp for positives, the other for negatives, it would be easy. can i use them like that?
  3. mwerling1212

    Strapping 3500Ds

    two d2 rl-p 18s. the reason i ask is because i bought the twisted 8 gauge speaker wire not thinking about it, and would waste a bunch if you see what i mean. IIRC the 1000's weren't strappable... the saz 1000d's? im pretty sure they are. maybe you're thinking of the sae1000ds. i hope they are because i would rather not gain match them and do all that stuff. i would be to worried that they are not perfectly set the same. lol
  4. mwerling1212

    Strapping 3500Ds

    sorry to use this thread as a question for mine, but it helps with the diagram. im going to do the same thing, except run two 1000d's, and i was wondering if the master amps two left over pos terminals are both pos, and are the slave amps two left over pos terminals both negative. because i would like to use both on each amp so wiring them is easier. thanks for any help!
  5. mwerling1212

    shifted motor

    well ive been thinking about it. if the bolts are not broken(im not sure how to tell, it doesnt wobble, move , or come off) i want to get it fixed by someone whether it be fi, psi, or whoever and just use it as a ht sub on 300 watts in a llt. then just go back to my original plan of 2 18s and use the money i would have spent on the electrical upgrade for 3000 watts and put it towards a better headunit, maybe a new front stage. and do you think fedex will honor the claim? i really think they should... i mean, it is clearly their fault, and i cant just replace it as they are not being sold currently.
  6. mwerling1212

    shifted motor

    i hope it is able to be shited back somehow. ill send it to fi if they can. i just dont want to have to recone it because i would have to get three recones and send three 18s to them. lol expensive.
  7. mwerling1212

    shifted motor

    it does not move or twist at all.
  8. mwerling1212

    shifted motor

    well igot some bad news today. my rl-p 18 came in and fedex must have dropped it. the sub was packaged perfectly, with a 2x4 and mdf crate that supported the sub, and a layer of foam to protect it from shock. but we all know how bad the delivery people throw shit around. the cone is locked up, doesnt move at all. upon closer inspection i noticed the motor had shifted about a quarter of an inch. is there anyway to push it back? or is a recone the only option? heres a picture. you can see where it was on the right side by the whitish line you can kind of see
  9. mwerling1212

    proper box size?

    i could maybe get 2-4 inches in between, but last time i measured it was very close for 15 cubes. the amps and battery are going in front of the box so i can only move it forward so far. ill do some more measuring tomorrow now that i have established a size and tuning, then see if i can get some room in between the glass and the corner of the box. ill bump this thread up tomorrow with the verdict. lol
  10. mwerling1212

    proper box size?

    the glass angles in a lot. to the point where it might touch the box. wouldnt it affect the air movement or "breathing" room?
  11. mwerling1212

    proper box size?

    well tomorrow my third rl-p 18 should be here, so now i need to start doing some box planning. i have an isuzu rodeo (suv) with the back seats ripped out. im going to use the whole back portion to build the box. its not going ot be a wall though. my question is what size and tuning should i do for all three? i see the recomended 5 cubes at 27 hz for one, but im not sure if it would change for all three. by that i mean, would the optimal size be 15 cubes at 27 hz? maybe im overthinking it but it seems ike it would change due to there being multiple drivers in the same box. also, i know i can fit the box in my suv, but porting it back may not work. my back window angles in and will be very close to the top back edge of the box. would porting it up be ok? im looking for strong output in the lows(20-35). i will also be running around 3k to them hopefully via a new saz2500d when they are back in stock. thanks for any help!
  12. mwerling1212

    battery questions!

    ok cool. I guess ill get whatever deal comes my way first! Thanks for the help man!
  13. mwerling1212

    battery questions!

    Ok cool! That makes sense about the bigger batt being in the back. I was reading around the forum and saw where someone(i think it was shizzon) say that running two different brand batteries is bad. If that is the case i could get a stinger spv70 instead. Also, If my voltage only drops a volt or two should i just get another battery or get the alt? I dont think i will be upgrading my power in this car so if i can avoid the alt that would be prime. lol. thanks for the input guys!
  14. Soon i should be running 2 saz1000d's strapped for 1800 at 2ohms in my isuzu rodeo(60 amp alt) big 3 done in 1/0. I have both amps already and i also have one stinger spv44. I will be buying another batt soon, probably a deka intimidator 9a31. Now my question is, which one should i use as the starting batt and which as the batt in the back? im not sure what i should do. I wont have a h/o alt for another couple months also. I know thats probably not enough to run the amps at full power, but i will keep the gains low until i get a h/o alt. thanks for any input! -Max
  15. mwerling1212

    96' Isuzu Rodeo

    well its been awhile, but the only updates i have is that i cant get the back seats out yet, because its just being difficult. lol. Ihavent started the box yet because i have been sick, and just havent felt like driving to lowes. But on a good note i think im going to buy that $200 SAZ 1000d from jacob as soon as i get a response!