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  1. Montana resident Maureen Edgerton recently had a close encounter of her own and was lucky to walk away. Instead of a 200-pound deer, she ran into a heard of bison that was migrating across the road. Adult bison weigh 1,000 to 2,000 pounds, but somehow Edgerton walked away relatively unscathed. Not so lucky was her 2007 Ford Fusion or several of the Bison, all of which were write-offs. In spite of the damage to the front of the car, the roof remained intact and the engine was still running afterward.


    Built Ford Tough!

    In Mexico.

    ummmmm...ouch? and how in the hell do you not see several 1 ton bison walking across a road in time to not stop? lol....deer i understand, they sneaky little creatures..but bison? herd of bison??? had to be on a phone, doing her nails, something....loll

    herd of bison?? shiiiiiiiiiiat!

    wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :slayer:

    Women drivers and shitty cars FTL. If that was my truck, it would be a dent haha.

    She was probably talking on the phone, putting her make-up on, and switching CDs at the same time!!

  2. Des Moines (AP)--Iowa society plunged into chaos as county recorders began issuing marriage licenses to same-couples on Monday morning.

    Residents across the state called 911 to report the breakdown of traditional society. In Ames, gay zombies dressed in tight muscle shirts prompted Iowa State University officials to cancel classes. While only a handful of zombie attacks were reported, an Iowa State spokeswoman stated that campus was closed as a "precautionary measure."

    Sophomore mechanical engineering major Justin Lambert reported that one male zombie looked at him funny after he came out of the campus rec center. "This kind of shit is supposed to happen in Iowa City, but not here," Lambert said. "I'm going back to my room now to play video games."

    Lambert's girlfriend, freshman Stacey Hoffmeier, addead that one female zombie "said something about playing rugby and then jumped into a waiting Subaru. She looked so much like us, it was creepy."

    Governor Chet Culver called an emergency press conference in Des Moines to discuss the crisis, but quickly ran offstage after a conga line entered the room singing "All I Owe Ioway" from State Fair. "Isn't it just fabulous?" one singer asked Des Moines Register reporter Reid Forgrave.

    In Davenport, homemaker Laura Lewis was despondent. "I just saw two men holding hands in front of the courthouse," she said. "My marriage of 30 years will never be same. I don't think I can ever have sex with my husband again."

    Meanwhile, DVD retailers across the state reported finding copies of Field of Dreams lying on floors early in the morning, with the words "Build chapels and they will come" scrawled on the front. Steve Stevenson, the owner of an independent video store in Dubuque, expressed concern that gays would use eminent domain to turn his property into a "house of sin," as he rang up a customer's purchase of "The Complete 7th Season of Will and Grace."

    "When will it ever end?" he asked. "When will it ever end?"

    I LOL'd

    oh shit, massive lols happening here !

    haha oh shit thats funny

  3. Just got out of jail?

    How long?

    You serious?

    Well he has been gone for two months.

    Jason: You missed the SSA XCON, and Sundown is doing the preorder for the SAZ-3500D now....Umm there is still no word on the AA SMD, or the 22" Fi BL and BTL.

    thank you!

    i remember hearing about the SAZ-3500D, but the SMD isnt out yet?

  4. man, i need to get one bad, any laptop for that matter.

    hope it serves you well

    it's a netbook, 8.9in screen, 2lbs, 1.6ghz atom, win xp, 160gb, 1gb ram. it was about $300 new so i hope it turns on, surfs the web and plays music, that's about it.


    wow thats an insane DEAL! Where did you get that from i need to buy that now!

  5. Man me too..

    God I have a little over a year left on parole..

    yeah, im on probation for 5 more months!!!

    I got my shit impounded on VALENTINES DAY! how gay, especially when I was with my girl at the time.

    i have to pay around 2000 dollars today just to get it back, then i have to put back in my head unit and enclosure amp and sub. I stripped that bitch before it got impounded...never trust the lots, people jack shit there all the time.

    It turns out geico expired on the 1st of the month!