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  1. I hate the flu.

    Its been forever since ive been sick, but i forgot to take my cold md :(

    Haha I had the flu last summer, or july 2008.

    I had it REALLY BAD! I had insane influenza! i ended up laying in my bed for a week, throwing up and sweating my ass off. I lost 30 pounds! Before I was sick, I actually had really good muscle definition and tone, and then when I came back to work; I looked like a scrawny crack head with pale skin...eww. I went from 168 to 140ish. then downward to 135 pounds, which was insane. I had no energy for a month afterward, It took such a huge toll on my body. ALSO...I had no appetite at all! I still cant eat as much as I used to before I had influenza to this day. I am around 155 currently, which I have to stay that weight so I can fight at the MMA events here.

  2. UGHHHHHH bet you guys would never come this close to MT. MCKINLEY!!!

    I like that graph ^^^ hahaha



    This was taken across a bay, I forget which one. We were closer to it when we took a 30 minute plane ride to the north to go salmon fishing in a river, but my camera batteries went out the day before :(. But that was pretty much the most spectacular thing I've ever seen. It was a clear day like in yours.

    wow when was this??? Its really crazy looking at it in person...especially in the summer when you can see it on a lake reflection.

  3. when I went to high school (graduated 2008), there was around 1500 students. only a quarter of them drove. only like 20-30 people had a sub. NOT A SYSTEM haha.

    everyone I knew just went out and blew 1000 dollars on a W7 with a prefab and another 1000 dollars on a JL 1000/1 amp. occasionally there would be someone with a type R 15 being choked in a prefab.

    I just paid around 500 for my RE SX and my Sundown SAE-1000D and it hits way harder, and sounds better than that JL crap. Me and my buddy were the only ones in school who had an actual front stage setup, instead of stock speakers. he had Icon 15s which sounded insanely good.

    We got like most people here in my town into SSA, Fi, RE, DC, Sundown Audio...etc

    they were afraid to buy shit they never heard of haha.

  4. for me, I am a DIEHARD METALLICA fan to the day I die! Most of there live shit has killer basslines for midbass/sub.

    other than Metallica, I listen to 36 CrazyFists, Darkest Hour, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Shadows Fall, Three Inches Of Blood.

    I pretty much listen to everything...mostly Metal/Country/Classic Rock/Rap

    :band::rockwoot: :rockwoot: :domoslay::rocking::slayer: :slayer: :slayer: