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    Box tuning help for Rl-p 12

    I am pushing it with an Alpine PDX 1000.1. With my old box, I set the gain at about 70% - 75%.
  2. torro1978

    Box tuning help for Rl-p 12

    I continue to go back and forth with which box size and tuning frequency to go with for my new box I am building. I was hoping to get some opinions from any and all of you that have had experiences with the Rl-p 12 D4. Right now I am torn between going with a bigger box size of around 2.5 cubes and tuning it @ 28 or 29........ or going with a box a bit smaller, in the 2.0 - 2.25 ramge tuned @ 30 or 32 Hz. Anybody have any suggestions or opinions for me......PLEASE!!!! This will be going in a Tahoe and my listening habits are mainly rap with a little bitt of rock and alternative mixed it...... but I would say at least 90% rap. Not sure if that matters, but I figured I would throw that in there. Thanks.
  3. torro1978

    Rl-p 12 box config

    I was wanting to know how much air space would be ideal for me, as I will be putting my newly aquired SS Rl-p in a ported, down-firing box behind the third row seating in a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. I will be powering it with an Alpine PDX 1000.1 mono amp. I listen to 95% Hip-Hop/Rap music and I am real picky with my bass...... I know this will sound so broad and vague that it is not even worth saying...... but I like HARD HITTING bass, but there is a DEFINITE fine line between hard hitting "Quality" bass that is smooth and blends into the music nicely and at the same time can also come out and shake your head when it is called upon...... And then there is the Hard Hard Hard hitting BASS that is just insane, blow you face off and rip you hair out, cant really even hear the words to the song bass..... And that is not for me. Very entertaining every once in awhile, but again, not for me as a daily driver. So I would say, if you could put a % on it...... I would be like a 65% SQ and 35% SPL type of guy. So, when taking into consideration the vehicle I will be putting it in, the Alpine PDX 1000.1 I will be powering it with, my listening habbits (Hip-Hop/Rap), and my attempt at describing the type of "bass" I desire....... Could someonoe recommend a perfect match in terms of size of box (air space) and what should it be tuned at..... I was thinking somewhere around 2 cubes tuned at around 30-32. However, don't go thinking I know what the HELL I am talking about, because I don't!! I will make that real clear. Everything I have learned about Ohms, volts, tuning freq, ported, sealed.....blah, blah, blah....... I have learned literally by reading on these forums. Therefore the numbers I took a stab at are not based on what I have heard..... they are basically my best attempt to pin point what I think I would like based on the answers others have gotten when they raised a similar quetions after describing there wants out of there system. So needless to say..... those numbers could farther off from what i am meaning to say.... IF THAT MADE ANY SENSE AT ALL TO ANYONE OUT THERE.... I WILL BE AMAZED!!