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  1. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    Oh yeaa! Trunk smells like birch and fiberglass right now
  2. KickinAudio

    sealing off the trunk

    Nice job
  3. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    Couple of these outta sound nice..
  4. They're a lot better than EA. I've heard a lot more positive outcomes from them.
  5. KickinAudio

    bottom mids

    You need to deaden in inside skin of the actual door panel. That is where most of the noise comes from, not the piece you applied deadening to. Noise comes from vibration, that outer door skin has the least structural support of the door and is going to vibrate the most.
  6. Dude, its the crap part you got. Get a refund, and dont take no for an answer or agree to sending it back to get swapped out for another.. it'll never end. Smaller pulleys are a joke and not necessary. Exactly. You'd be embarrassed if you knew the true amperage output on that thing. I was when I got mine measured at an alternator and starter shop.
  7. KickinAudio

    T3 Audio

    Two sides to every story.
  8. KickinAudio

    XS Power Side mount Posts

    I'm using a d3400 and d5100. It's a great combo and ibar add is is really versatile.
  9. KickinAudio

    Wisdom Teeth

    I thought getting knocked out for this procedure was way expensive?
  10. KickinAudio

    T3 Audio

    Sorry to hear this. I'll see if I can get in touch with him on this.
  11. Your problem is the man who made it. I've had to return my alternator 3 or 4 times and visit his home for him (because he stopped answering the phone) to get it right. Search the company on Google and you'll see horror stories everywhere. They don't properly load test these before they send them out. I'm so sick of seeing threads like this all over the internet about this company, I wish he'd close up shop and stop sending out poor quality products. I know how much it sucks to drive around with no voltage, it hurts your battery, your audio equipment and your headlights and to watch everything fade when the car is at idle.
  12. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    Interior stripped again. Time for more sound deadening and pre-wiring the car. Ahh what a mess. Got to sort all this out.. Hmmm..
  13. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    More Powermaster mail.. this will be for the trunk. I should be getting fiberglass work done in June to finally wrap this project up.
  14. KickinAudio

    NEW SSA ICON build log

    Saw the explorer in traffic today.. lookin good.
  15. KickinAudio

    SBN Video

    Thanks for the compliments
  16. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    False floor Those will be powering my Kicker QS components..
  17. KickinAudio

    09 Kicker QS Component Pictures

  18. KickinAudio

    09 Kicker QS Component Pictures

    I just got them today. Haven't installed them yet. They look really nice though.
  19. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    Slowly but surly..
  20. KickinAudio

    Acoustic damping

    Don't cut corners here with product that isn't made for the car. Second Skin's prices are competitive when compared to others. Superior quality as well. Save money if you need and don't rush it.
  21. KickinAudio

    Anyone have a Corolla?

    Atta boy
  22. KickinAudio

    Anyone have a Corolla?

    Have Trev measure it.
  23. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    Some midbass action. I'm finally getting close to actually installing the gear.
  24. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla

    I finally got around to doing the rear doors. One layer of Damplifier Pro on the inner and outer skin. Before: After: